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WHO Advances the Pedophile Agenda

In December 2018, I outlined how gay marriage was a requisite step to the legalisation of pedophilia. Once a society rejects the superiority or divinely ordained primacy of sexual relations between husband and wife, and denounces traditional moral norms as ‘homophobic’, it has established the philosophical framework necessary for accepting pedophilia.

Now, WHO (an organisation whose critics are being purged from YouTube) is doing its part to move society into closer relation with this abomination.

In its latest guidelines for sex education, WHO advised European health authorities to teach children between the ages 0 and 4 about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s body… masturbation.”

If toddlers are being taught about masturbation and their sexualisation is seen as critical to early childhood development, it would not be so great a step for public schools to begin employing sexual educators (*pedophiles*) to intimately assist children with such learning. At which stage, the state will be providing a safe space for the practice of pedophilia.

This is not to say, necessarily, that the open practice, normalisation or legalisation of pedophilia will become a reality. Still, we are hurtling towards these outcomes, particularly so with the guidance of WHO.

8 thoughts on “WHO Advances the Pedophile Agenda

  1. Let me make this very clear. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to think sexually about a child, in any way shape or form, or even talk about these things or do studies on these things, is a SICK FUCK. Stop acting like it’s okay, or normal, or explainable. It’s not, you fucking pathetic rotting bag if dog shit. You are fucking diseased and should have your genitals FED TO YOU!

  2. Forced marriages aren’t consensual are they? Those are the norm in certain cultures and to deny what is normal to people of those cultures is racist because everyone has to respect other peoples’ cultures, norms and so on. Except of course if the person is white because just that’s the way it works.

    1. You’re wrong in that assumption, which will be explained in my next post.

    2. To be more precise, I think you are wrong to simply assume that non-consensual relationships will never be normalised.

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