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Chinese Students Jeopardise Australian Biosecurity

Chinese students in ‘self-isolation’

The Australian has published a commendable piece relating to the recent conduct of Chinese university and high school students bound for Australia.

Essentially, in order for these students to avert the ban imposed on travel of Chinese nationals, many have used a third-country layover mechanism to gain entry into Australia. By this medium, Chinese students spent two weeks in a separate country, where they were expected to ‘self-isolate’ before coming to Australia.

The trouble is, however, many Chinese students did everything but ‘self-isolate’: spending their two weeks “partying, dining at restaurants and enjoying spa treatments,” all while intermingling with fellow potential coronavirus contaminants.

As a result, one Chinese student that was supposed to have self-quarantined has tested positive to coronavirus; another 11,000 came to Australia in this manner.

Out of this story, one has to ponder: if Chinese students are not taking seriously either our biosecurity or official government advice–after people from *China* spread coronavirus to these shores–why should we reciprocate with marked respect for their rights and interests?

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