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The Solution to Obnoxious Women

I wanted to draw out a recent post regarding attacks launched by the Today Show against Brooke Smith, a stay-at-home Australian mother.

This post ended with the following:

As women become financially self-contained and further to this, ape masculine attributes–assertiveness, abrasiveness, boldness–their appeal dissipates in the eyes of men.

This is because distinction, rather than likeness, is what fundamentally draws men to women. The same holds true in what attracts women to men.

For conservatives, the above poses an obvious issue: decreasing attraction between the sexes makes marriage and a healthy family life necessarily more difficult.

A large part of this gender divide, it would seem, emanates from the abrasive and obnoxious behaviour of certain professional women who carry an inflated sense of self-worth. These women often boast of ‘independence’, while remaining oblivious to the travails of men in sustaining their materialistic lives. Such women view their professional standing and sexual appeal as sufficient attainments in themselves, caring little for manners or traditional etiquette. In the recent Today Show segment this attitude reared its ugly head, with one female co-host admonishing men to “make your own bloody breakfast and coffee.”

While not all professional women are obnoxious, most obnoxious women are professionals–you get the picture.

These traits are unfortunate; however, there exists a straightforward solution to them. Which is, for men to collectively make clear this behaviour is unacceptable, by denying such women access to all romantic affection or attention.

By virtue of the female nature, this response would be exceedingly effective. Women, to a larger extent than men, place emphasis on their standing with the opposite sex. As described in a 2014 article on the Return of Kings,

It is interesting to note how young teenage girls seem to have a single track mind during the formative years of adolescence. Ask any parent of a gossiping teenage girl and they will tell you the single subject matter is boys. That is not to say that boys are not fascinated with their female counterparts (trust me, we were), but their interests seem to expand beyond just the opposite sex. For that matter, the primary subject matter for entertainment geared towards adult women tends to be almost exclusively the subject of men. Whether it is the predictable rom com, or the latest edition of Cosmo, the topic is men; falling in love with men, how to attract men, how to please your man, etc. etc. etc…

If men in large numbers denied uppity professional women affection and attention, this would be paradigm shifting by hitting where it hurts most.

Devastated by a sudden collapse in male affection and attention, moreover, afflicted women would have neither physical nor psychological recourse available to them.

They would have no physical recourse, because men are stronger than women and cannot be coerced into giving affection or attention where none organically exists.

They would have no psychological recourse, because women are far more agreeable and swayed by social pressures than men. Women would cede to this pressure applied by men, just as they cede to any other preponderant source of social conditioning: be it progressive ideology in modern times, or national socialism in the Third Reich.

Lacking either physical or psychological recourse to this stinging rebuke, affected women would have no choice but to alter their behaviour according to what is requested by men. Ideally this would entail a greater emphasis on modesty, kindness, supportiveness and other related feminine traits.

If this shift was able to occur, gender relations would flourish, arranging men and women more closely in line with their respective complimentary capacities.

In the current context, obviously, it might seem far-fetched that enough men would abstain from sating sexual desires to effectuate this counter-revolution in gender relations.

So, while the aforementioned solution to obnoxious women is felicitous, whether it can be achieved comes down to male willpower–nothing more, nothing less.

3 thoughts on “The Solution to Obnoxious Women

  1. Most men are too thirsty and deprived of female attention to manage what is being advocated. The top tier of men could perhaps.

    1. You are right, most men are currently far too thirsty to enact this solution.

      Responsibility for this, though, largely comes down on men.

      If men can control their passions, it will work. If men cannot, then the same problems with obnoxious women will continue to occur.

  2. The problem of course, is that there are not many men left in the Western world. Lots of MALES, but very few MEN. These males are weak, feminised and easily manipulated and coerced by the females who have abandoned what makes them women as they desire being poor imitations of men. I am a traditional conservative who believes that while women should be able to do any job they are capable of (without lowering the standards expected by men), mothers belong in the home caring for their children and their family, even if that means going without materialistic goodies. My middle name is 1950s; while we have advanced in some areas of society, we have done so at such a cost to a stable, decent society, that it has not really been worth it.

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