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An Open Assault on Stay at Home Mothers

Brooke Smith: the object of elite contempt

There is a fascinating clip making the rounds on Twitter from The Today Show.

This clip is fascinating in making abundantly explicit what is often implicit: the great contempt held by cultural elites (including the media) for stay-at-home-mothers.

This clip can be seen in full below. In a nutshell, it shows panel members of The Today Show deriding Brooke Smith, a stay-at-home mother. On a Facebook group, this stay-at-home mother has previously described household duties performed to benefit her family and husband: washing, cleaning and cooking. According to The Today Show, this resembled a return to the 1950’s; one panel member obnoxiously whined that men should “make your own bloody breakfast and coffee.”

Of course, this clip presents a rudimentary contradiction that is ubiquitous in modern feminism. If feminism stands for empowering women and accepting their choices, so to advance individual autonomy, why does it pour scorn upon women who choose traditional gender roles?

This clip also raises larger questions as to the long-term viability of marriage, when conducted in compliance with liberal precepts. To attack stay-at-home mothers and the complementary relationship they represent, is to leave one logical alternative: couples that equally share in the burden of financial and household responsibilities.

Yet advocates for this relationship have left unresolved even the simplest questions as emerging from the viewpoint of men. For a professional man, what utility is there to be had in marrying a woman who would perform the exact same financial and household tasks as himself? What benefits would this provide his life that he does not already have?

These questions remain unanswered, obviously, because there are none. In this context, heightening levels of voluntary celibacy and lowering rates of marriage should come as no surprise.

As women become financially self-contained and further to this, ape masculine attributes–assertiveness, abrasiveness, boldness–their appeal dissipates in the eyes of men.

This is because distinction, rather than likeness, is what fundamentally draws men to women. The same holds true in what attracts women to men.

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