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Caveating Criticism of Democracy

Christmas in Aleppo, 2019

I wanted to draw out the thrust of my last post ‘The Sham of Democracy’, in which elections were criticised as being “largely meaningless.”

While this remains accurate, a more complete picture requires some nuance to be added.

Elections are largely meaningless, but this is different from them being completely meaningless. Because it is the former that holds true, elections are capable of having some significant consequences.

This potential for democracy to yield good has been (somewhat) realised in President Trump’s foreign policy; most notably, with regards to Syria.

It is true that American military personnel remain in Syria–contrary to both campaign promises and publicized attempts at ‘pulling out’ US troops. By any measure, this is a disappointing state of affairs.

That said, in April 2017 and April 2018, President Trump governed in a discernibly different manner to how his alternative–Hillary Clinton–would have. Responding to Deep State allegations that President Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, President Trump showed exceptional restraint. As the international press wildly clamoured for another Middle Eastern War, President Trump was twice able to sate these yearnings through a series of symbolic missile strikes. By doing so, he averted a regime change war in Syria.

With Hillary Clinton’s penchant for war, stated opposition to Assad and concordance with the media, as President, she absolutely would have used the very conditions of April 2017/18 to launch war against Syria.

In this respect, the differential outcomes between President Trump and a President Clinton, are not inconsequential.

As a result of President Assad’s uninterrupted rule, Syria was able to defeat ISIS; the country is increasingly stable; and three years on from globalist hysteria over the ‘collapse’ of Aleppo, the city’s Christians were able to openly celebrate Christmas.

For all that democracy is a lie, even for all the betrayals of President Trump, the election result of November 8, 2016 was a godsend for the Syrian people. That alone is worth something.