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What Drives Leftist Belief

A pro-refugee rally in Melbourne, 2016

We hear much about Scott Morrison’s ‘quiet Australians’, a description with some basis. There are many hard-working, decent people naturally directed to conservative ideas in the face of an ever-domineering, hubristic Left.

Equally, it is inaccurate to conclude that conservatives are among the ascendant. Many Australians, particularly those in elite institutions, are resolutely Left wing.

Any serious attempt at countering this tendency, necessitates understanding the intellectual foundations of progressive belief.

On this, Ted Kaczynski’s Unabomber manifesto serves as a useful guide. (White) Leftism continues to be caused by: 1) feelings of inferiority; and 2) oversocialisation. (See here for previous writing pertaining to this subject).

However, there is another key contributor to Leftist belief relevant in any such considerations. Which is, an assumption that European benevolence will be reciprocated; their opposition to ‘racism’, ‘sexism’ and ‘homophobia’ shall culminate in a more permissive, altruistic future.

For Leftists, Cultural Marxism directs the interpretation of political and cultural events. Effectively this means perceiving politics through the lenses of there being identifiable, consistent oppressors: Whites, males, straights; and identifiable, consistent victims: non-Whites, women, gays, etc. Bearing this understanding in mind anything that diminishes White power, the patriarchy, or traditional sexual norms are viewed as desirable developments. Because within the progressive mind action against racism, sexism and homophobia leads towards a more equitable society.

At a moral level these intentions might be held up as defensible.

Yet once the truth is unveiled, especially with regards to matters of race, any value in progressive doctrine soon dissipates. For when the supposedly oppressed groups complete their takeover of our cultural and political institutions, they will not be inclined to treating Whites as co-equals.

Recall in 2016, when House speaker Paul Ryan posted a selfie of Republican Capitol Hill interns. The photo, featuring an overwhelmingly White contingent, was slammed by the media for its “lack of diversity.”

A Democrat counter-offensive thereafter commenced, revealing much about the endgame of progressivism.

Specifically, Democratic representative Terry Sewell posted a photo of overwhelmingly non-White Democratic interns.

The accompanying caption read, “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

From this response, we can see ‘diversity’–a purportedly utmost moral good–does not mean diversity of personality, life experience, or even equal representation of racial minorities. Rather, ‘diversity’ means less White people.

Therefore, measures which diminish White power will not create a fairer world; they are but steps along the road to the creation of anti-White apartheid states. Through their moral framework of it being righteous to reduce White power, Leftists will be wholesale dispossessed: economically, politically and culturally. There is no reason to believe that even the most talented professional White will be spared–with time and practicality serving merely to temporarily thwart dispossession. This is what Leftists fail to see, in an unfounded, oblivious confidence that their own standing will remain unimpeached.

To compound this clear trajectory there persists an exclusive, unabating antagonism towards European identity: regardless of style, sincerity or reasonableness. There being no evidence the reigning hegemony will ever respect or even recognise White interests, as our plight deteriorates, we can safely predict no respite will be forthcoming.

Not being permitted to organise, agitate, or speak on behalf of group interests means there is no principled limit upon the scope for future oppression. When this truth finally comes before the progressive psyche, it will probably be too late: the time having passed for mounting effectual resistance.

From the above we can see that equality is not an achievable, tangible state. Power belongs to those willing to wield and assert it, in doing so directing the arc of history.

Once more, it is apt to quote Patrick Buchanan in closing:

It is in the nature of nations and religions, that they rule or are ruled.

8 thoughts on “What Drives Leftist Belief

  1. What drives “leftist” thought EVERYWHERE on the political spectrum (left, right and centre) is unbelief in God and total lack of faith in salvation through Christ. Period. The spectre of man saving man is everywhere and with God dead and buried there is nothing left but for man to save himself and bring about his kingdom of universal justice first declared in the Freemason Universal Declaration of the rights of Man at the time of Napoleon. Today it is as dumbed down and simple as John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

  2. I agree on most of this.

    But the elephant in the room is man-made climate change. To a large extent this has been assosiated with the leftist movement (especially in the USA) when in fact it is a science-based issue.

    Scott Morrison in continuing to deny a link between climate change and the increases level of wild fires in his country is doing it a great disservice. He and his party need to get off the fence and start treating this based on what it is doing to the Australian environment and stop viewing it simply as a “Leftist” or “anti-capitalist” issue.

    1. ‘Climate change’ as widely known has become a globalist and Left wing issue because it is one.

      Of course, climate change in itself has always occurred and modern times seem to be no exception.

      But changes in the climate are not even mostly caused by human involvement. It is even more absurd to believe that we can through human actions, direct the course of weather patterns.

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