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Why Conservatives Lose

Matt Sullivan

Saturday, I referred to ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ now hosted in the Perth public library.

As prior outlined, because of unbridled private obsession, the elites can ferment disturbing trends–such as ‘Drag Queen Storytime’–and essentially avoid scrutiny for their iniquities.

However broadly unabated the sexualisation of children may be, there exists *some* political opposition to this phenomenon. This resistance came via Facebook, in a November 6 post from WA Liberal Senator Matt Sullivan:

I have written to the City of Perth asking them to cancel their proposed ‘Drag Queen Storytime’. 

It is not appropriate for a local government body – especially one whose elected council is currently suspended – to organise events where adult entertainers interact with children. This is yet another example of local government overreach.

Now certainly, it is worth giving some credit to perhaps the only Australian politician, publicly questioning the wisdom of Drag Queen events.

That said, this response is devoid of any capacity to actually turn back the Drag Queen tsunami. Thus, it warrants criticism.

Sullivan’s problem with ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ is, ostensibly, administrative. “Local government overreach… inappropriate for a local government body,” are his main objections to this demonic proceeding.

This is a polite, conservative reaction; and while I assume Sullivan would prefer there was no ‘Drag Queen Storytime’, he is not fighting vociferously to win the culture war. Emphasising procedural concerns, rather than morals, is not the most fervent attack one can make against sexual subversion.

Compare this diplomatic approach with Sullivan’s ideological opponents, and there is scarcely a starker contrast. En route to their post-racial, tolerant utopia, the Left will stop at nothing: smearing conservatives as racist, sexist, Nazi, White supremacist and bigoted. Leftists have cheered on political violence against Tony Abbott and Fraser Anning; the ABC doxes young people. For all the moral misgivings decent people may have, such tactics point to an unequivocal conclusion: the Left craves victory and fights accordingly.

If we are to be truthful, Matt Sullivan does not yearn for victory like the Left does. Which is unsatisfactory, as Greg Johnson explains,

Other things being equal, the side that fights to win will defeat the side that fights for a draw.

In his own mind, Matt Sullivan might not be fighting for a draw. But his lack of zeal for the culture war is telling, sadly, of a broader ardour deficit which plagues conservatism. Until such a time that conservatives passionately defend their beliefs, they will lose. For in challenging times, the least committed will hastily surrender–before moving themselves to safer ground.

2 thoughts on “Why Conservatives Lose

  1. It makes me both angry & sick to read of the success of the Left in weaponising sexual deviance for their perverse political goals. Nothing could be more misplaced than a mamby-pamby conservative response to a core Leftist strategy deployed again and again with stellar success in driving the depravity train towards the inevitable cliffs. Look, it’s not hard to understand what’s going on here! A couple of hours spent reviewing the success claimed by the Frankfurt School psychopaths provides all the raw background required. One Frankfurt School alumnus became Hungary’s Culture Minister in the early 1920’s for a disastrous 9months (Georg Lukacz), during which he introduced the most outlandish, perverted and sexually bizarre school sex-ed program the world had seen at the time, including advocating an end to monogamous relationships in favour of state-sanctioned broad promiscuity (swinging, group-sex & all out orgies in today’s parlance), homosexuality & bisexuality, abortion on-demand (in Catholic 1920’s Hungary!) and of course, incest. The experiment ended with his ouster and a great many horrified Hungarians but the disruptive power of such an assault on sexual mores, sexual stability and political stability had been established and became a staple of Leftist subversion. The necessary response to the Drag Queen program of indoctrination and its establishment of false norms in the minds of kids, is to assertively declare it totally inappropriate and to SHUT IT DOWN! Politicians & pundits haven’t got a clue regarding the confusion such a program can sow in young minds, nor the loss of confidence that they are being told the truth about the real world. Similarly, it is within the Government’s purview to ban biological males from competing against biological women in schools & numerous sporting venues….it is ridiculous, grossly unfair and contrary to all said by the Left about women’s sport for decades. In one fell swoop, all Leftist advocacy for women in sport has proven to merely be expedient….another talking point said for effect not substance. If conservatives fail to appreciate the intensity of this broad-based, multi-pronged, all-out assault by the Left, they will be swept away by the tide of history and will take with them, the grandest experiment in individual freedom & liberty the world has ever witnessed, leaving a rotten corpse and brutal legacy, as tyranny & enslavement spread like a cancer across the globe.

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