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The True White Privilege

Justice Thackray in Newman, 2018

I recently attended a talk by Justice Thackray, a former Chief Judge of the Family Court of Western Australia. During which, Justice Thackray described his 2018-19 efforts, in delivering family law access to Aboriginals of the East Pilbara.

Fulfilling the maligned ‘Boomer’ ethos, Justice Thackray vaunted his time spent aiding Aboriginal people for a license: to virtue signal.

Specifically, he repeated the canard that Aboriginal failures–economic, cultural, criminal, educational–are caused by White racism. He claimed government had “not done enough” to remedy Aboriginal inequalities of outcome, that agencies were “under resourced.” Justice Thackray used ‘White‘ much the way ‘bastard’ was in Victorian England: sternly, accentuated, so to impart his own negative feelings. To top things off, Justice Thackray began the proceedings with a ‘Welcome to Country’, seeking to drive guilt into each White audience member.

So what we are considering, clearly, is a person in avowed hostility to the traditional Australian nation.

By this, Justice Thackray typifies the White Left: that dominates in politics, education, media and sporting institutions. This is an especially influential group; whose members routinely impugn Whites to bolster their social standing.

Taken at face value, this White Left tendency to rebuke its own, seems counterintuitive. But in fact, their attacks can be demonstrated as being ostensibly logical.

For the White Left that virtue signals by attacking Europeans, are often those least affected by the philosophical consequences of their ideas. Take Justice Thackray: into a well-endowed retirement, he can afford to trumpet anti-White ideas. He will never suffer the eventual, severe consequences of his impeaching Euro-Australian identity: employment discrimination; life as an absolute, reviled minority.

In this respect, Justice Thackray demonstrates the broad utility of contemporary White Left privilege. By receiving professional opportunities when Australian institutions favoured Europeans, Justice Thackray established a successful legal career, culminating in his opulent lifestyle. But in modern times, through vocally criticising Whites, he curries favour with Leftist elites. Through these fashionable critiques, Justice Thackray eludes moral liability for his own obvious White privilege. If ever one had their cake and ate it too, surely, Justice Thackray has been able to do so.

However repulsive Justice Thackray and White Left privilege may be, this tale ends with a silver lining. That is, as we become increasingly multiracial, the monopoly of treasonous, successful Whites over our institutions shall come crashing down. (For only so long can ‘diversity is our strength’ be sustained in principle, until its literal implementation yields deleterious ramifications for all Whites).

As opportunities for averting multiracial realities grow scarcer, correspondingly, more Whites than ever shall have to face it. When this occurs–and widespread oppression is indubitably foreseen–there will prevail a heightened potential for nationalist developments.