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The White Supremacist Left

Throughout this post, the terms ‘Left’ and Leftist’ specifically refer to White Leftists. Due to demographic hegemony, White Leftists are generally the dominant group in Western Left-wing circles. Yet White Leftists are distinct within the broader Left, by actually believing their own arguments on racism and White Supremacy. Contrastingly, Jews, blacks, Muslims, etc, spout lines about racism and White Supremacy for strategic expediency–they don’t sincerely believe diversity is a ‘strength’.

In attacking Fraser Anning, Jared Taylor, Mark Collett and other dissident right exponents, ‘White Supremacist’ is an oft-used label.

Although NO-ONE has yet claimed Whites are objectively and entirely supreme over other groups, this invective remains central to the Left’s moral paradigm. ‘White Supremacist’ is a referent to the Left’s violent, hateful, nefarious opposition; contrasted with peaceful, tolerant, honourable progressives.

Doubtless many intelligent White people have been dissuaded from even attempting to understand nationalist thought, because of psychological encumbrances which accompany the ‘White Supremacist’ label.

The political and cultural purveyors of this moral blackmail are certain of their infallibility, so as to commit wholesale chronological snobbery. However, a glaring paradox exists in their worldview.

After accusing their opposition of White Supremacy for the longest time, the true White Supremacists are Leftists themselves.

Importantly, this isn’t the same as falling into a Right-Liberal racist trap: responding to allegations of racism by in turn accusing your accusers, which only acts to strengthen the domineering Left-wing ‘racism’ framework that perpetually dispossesses White people. Instead, we come to a fascinating revelation: the Left’s ethics are so subjective, fluid and confused, they themselves comprise what they swear to be most vigorously against. Leftists may be the true White Supremacists; but there is nothing necessarily unjust about advocating for group interests.

That said, more on the Left’s legitimately close affinity with White Supremacism.

In Australia, last week was highly illustrative for demonstrating precisely who sees themselves as supreme. After West Coast player Liam Ryan was called a monkey on Facebook, the ABC, AFL, and WA state government condemned this affair in the strongest terms. Meanwhile, West Coast released a video lambasting Ryan’s abuser, which featured a conspiratorial rant that claimed Aboriginals once “weren’t thought of as human beings.”

Note that said forces–the ABC, AFL, WA state government, West Coast–are all ostensibly White and Leftist in nature.

As their reverberant reactions show, the Left is more outraged over a professional footballer being insulted, than the health, socioeconomic, and crime problems that afflict Aboriginal people. To state the obvious, Aboriginals have conquered greater challenges and achieved nobler deeds, then overcoming racial taunts.

So what are we to make of such disproportionate denunciations, that epitomise the Leftist response here, and whenever other similar incidents arise?

In his Unabomber manifesto, Ted Kaczynski made sense of this seemingly bizarre dynamic.

Kaczynski observed those most anguished at derogatory comments aimed at minorities, are Leftists, who don’t even belong to these supposedly oppressed groups. Further, this Leftist paranoia over offending minority groups–Africans, Aboriginals, women, gays–does not transpire for the purported reasons. Whereas Leftists proclaim a motivation to stamp out ethnocentrism and sexism; when these behaviours emerge across the non-Western World, they only grudgingly concede their occurrence. As despite many Leftists insisting President Trump is a surreptitious ‘White Nationalist’; they don’t oppose genuine racial nationalism in Africa or Asia.

For Kaczynski, this otherwise enigmatic hypocrisy arises because Leftists believe minority groups–Africans, Aboriginals, women, gays–to be inferior. And because Leftists have their own feelings of inferiority and “they do see these groups as inferior… they identify with their problems.”

PA Left-leaning reader may outright dismiss this analysis, thinking progressives would never hold such degrading thoughts for their favourite people. Ok. Then why would they excessively respond when minorities are called an improper word, if they didn’t think them extra worthy of their assistance, in a weakened position, and thus inferior?

By this saviour psychology do Leftists manifest their subconscious, while deeply held White Supremacism. In this hubristic credence, minorities are inferior; with Leftists the most virtuous of all beings.

It remains true the Left hates positive expressions of white identity, survival and solidarity more than any other group.

But paradoxically, Leftists carry the most unique, conceited White identity of all: in ceaselessly bending over backwards to advance apparently foresaken minorities. Through this demeaning process is unveiled an eternal, unrepentant White Supremacy–Leftism.

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