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Why the White Left is Finished

Among other perks, WordPress usefully divides posts by category and archive–so they can be later readily accessed.

Because of this, and amidst the 2020 Democratic Primaries–a historic, landmark event in intersectionality politics thus far–it appears worth revisiting Richard Spencer’s apt Twitter thread, that responded to the Ralph Northam year-book scandal.

In anticipation of anti-white invectives hurled at Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (who is Jewish, but is nevertheless treated as white), I would make 1 additional point.

White Leftists who champion ‘diversity’ as an achievement in of itself, will ultimately all be pushed from positions of political, economic and cultural power–by the very forces they once fostered. This is because People of Colour possess pretences inaccessible to the White Left: they have more in common genetically, historically and culturally with minorities bent on racial redemption; and boast more comparable lived experiences.

Assuming we continue current demographic trajectories, at least we can enjoy this merciless, all-encompassing takedown of the White Leftists who betrayed our people.

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