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My Commentary on the St Kilda Protest

Responding to criticism of yesterday’s African gang violence protest in St Kilda, I tweeted:

True extremists are those who flood Australia with third-world migrants, claiming our country will be ‘enriched’. A moderate response that better conforms with our nation’s founding, history, and the reality of multi-racialism, is to get rid of the worst eggs (African migrants).

But as yesterday may be a watershed in the Australian Dissident Right’s development, it seems proper to write more than 280 characters.

Elaborating on my tweet, we should set the record straight: there is nothing radical about opposing the impact Africans have had on Australia– a country that has done nothing but provide them with manifold economic, social, cultural, and religious opportunities. On the contrary–seeing nothing wrong with newcomers bringing rampant violence, or a host population being ethnically replaced; and disregarding blatant FACTS about racial differences, group identity as well as multi-racialism’s history–are observably extreme tendencies. And that our representatives–save for exceptions, including the valiant Fraser Anning–agree with said radical precepts, demonstrate their bankruptcy and illegitimacy as our representatives.

There’s another important point to be made. Yesterday on my Twitter, ‘Nazi’ was prominently trending; and as this post is being written, #StKildaNazis is trending. And for what? Because a small few clowns at St Kilda threw up Roman salutes, probably to trigger the frenzied media contingent. There have been rumours these salutes were done by Leftist plants to tarnish the protest’s credibility; but let us assume the worst of the protesters here. Upon such news, according to many Twitter users, the likely jest behaviour of a tiny segment, means the African gang violence rally was actually a ‘Nazi’ rally.

In refuting this dishonest, bad faith label, let me be clear. Those Australians who identify nowadays with a bygone era which is external to the Australian historical experience–the Third Reich–manifest a deluded escapism which is both unfeasible and morally problematic.

Yet for too long, ‘Nazis’ have been defined by the media as history’s ultimate, unquestioned evil. Anything remotely connected to the Third Reich and thus ‘Nazis’–white racial consciousness, identity, nationalism, traditionalism–is equally guilty by association. I first wrote about this in 2017, and accusing one of being a ‘Nazi’ may soon justify stripping their civil rights away. So on this pressing while controversial matter, I will proceed.

If the Left wishes to play ugly–characterise anything scarcely linked to national socialism as representing ‘Nazism’–two can play at that game. For in the record of history, it is accurate to say no greater butchers have ever ruled, than communists: Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, in addition to others. Given their open embrace of Cultural Marxism, support for feminism and egalitarianism: the similarities between Bolshevism and modern Leftism are undeniable. In truth, the similarities between today’s Leftists and Bolsheviks at least equal to those between today’s Right and National Socialists.

By their own standard, the contemporary Left is in the same camp of history’s greatest tyrants: Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. From now on, Leftists could be accurately termed ‘Bolsheviks’, or any other term that properly encompasses their sincere closeness to wholesale murderers.

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