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The Normalisation of Pedophilia

What might have been considered a preposterous prediction in earlier years—the normalisation of pedophilia through the LGBT+ agenda—is increasingly becoming a reality. 

At this post’s close, are links to 3 articles which reflect the push to desensitising public attitudes towards pedophilia. But for now consider the last dramatic social shift—gay marriage—and its connection to the pedophile matter at hand, that only ‘far right’ dissidents ever dared to warn about.

Legalised in Britain by 2014, America by 2015, and Australia by 2017, gay marriage is largely considered a settled issue across the West. Given the feeble nature of contemporary conservatism, it is difficult to imagine gay marriage being reversed anytime soon.

At its very core, transformed public sentiment that culminated in legalising gay marriage represented the normalisation of homosexuality. No longer were these practices tolerated behind closed doors, while lamented; gay marriage signalled homosexuality was an entirely equal and legitimate lifestyle on a par with heterosexuality. This view was epitomised by pro-gay marriage advocates in 2017, who often argued “they should have the right to get married just as any straight person can.” Speaking the language of sexual equality, these campaigners laid the groundwork for the later sanctioning of pedophilia.

In understanding this connection between pro-homosexual and pro-pedophilia progressivism, consider an honest Right-wing analogy. In 2015, I became a Trump supporter and his ‘America First’ slogan struck a particular chord. It appeared logical that governments should place the interests of their own citizens first, and so I thought ‘America First’, or ‘Australia First’ was an excellent starting point for developing policy. Once one believes in putting their own country first there is a definite pipeline to identitarianism–viewing group identity as the prime consideration for political decision making. Personally, President Trump aided my political journey to this identitarian conclusion, despite his support for civic nationalism and open aversion to the alt-right.

To put this connection simply: not all Trump supporters are identitarian; but all identitarians understand respect the philoposphical framework underriding ‘America First’. 

Proponents of homosexuality (gay marriage) and pedophilia are comparable in the way Trump supporters and identitarians are similar. Whilst they differ on specific goals, all pro-homosexual and pro-pedophile activists have a shared foundation: there is nothing superior about an orthodox sexuality and people should be freed from traditional religious or moral constraints on sex. Therefore, the normalisation of homosexuality through gay marriage was a necessary, whilst not inevitable step towards a similar process occurring with pedophilia.

Yet in our present circumstances: 1) the underpinning basis for pedophile legalisation has been made out; 2) there exists a truant, reactive conservative opposition; and 3) progressives will sacrifice everything at the altar of Cultural Marxism–our descent down the slippery slope looks set to continue.  

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