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6 Core Signs of an NPC


With NPC memes being increasingly censored and ironically appropriated by establishment, NPC-esque figures; now seems a practical time to highlight 6 regurgitations which are only rationally conceivable, when one possesses an unintelligent, agency-bereft nature.

For readers not attuned to NPC memes, or not yet understanding what an ‘NPC’ even is, Black Pidgeon Speaks’ below video is highly informative.

Furthermore, the 6 core NPC signs/ political expressions I’ve observed, which are so self-contradictory they could only be espoused by individuals entirely lacking an internal monologue, include:

  1. Advocating for women’s rights, yet simultaneously supporting a mass Islamic importation;
  2. Celebrating black sporting achievement in an unabashed manner, yet descending into a pathological, anti-science, denialist diatribe whenever race and IQ is raised;
  3. Proclaiming diversity, difference and division is a source of ‘strength’, while seeking to purge society of those that have contrasting world-views;
  4. Leading crusades against ‘toxic masculinity’ when white men are alleged culprits, whilst accusing critics of rampant black-male violence as being racist;
  5. Thinking a wicked white supremacy enforced over all other peoples naturally emanates from ‘It’s OK to be white’, despite otherwise supporting the importance of group pride; and
  6. Claiming ‘race isn’t real,’ while politically exploiting real and organic realms of racial identity.

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