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It’s Not OK to be White


Following up on recent twitter activities, my final reflections on the fracas over Pauline Hanson’s failed “It’s OK to be White” motion, are as follows.

While more powerful in institutional, political, cultural and economic measures; the Left is as ill-conceived as ever. Painfully lacking in self-reflection, Leftist Australian media screeching over “It’s OK to be white” proved 4chan trolls right, in showcasing the supreme double standard at play over racial pride.

There’s another important takeaway- if not clear already, the anti-white agenda is now undeniable, for all who maintain a shred of intellectual honesty. With open season declared on white men, the spread of affirmative action, pernicious attacks on Anglo-Australian identity, in addition to 3 of the 4 means of achieving racial extinction currently taking place–replacement immigration, miscegenation and low birth rates–the Australian Senate voting down “It’s ok to be White” should be viewed within this proper context.

It doesn’t matter which way this issue is cut up, interpreted or phrased. It’s evidently not ok to be white in the eyes of most Australian Senators: whether according to an apoplectic Greens, a contemptuous Labor party, or the cuckoldry-practicing Liberals.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not OK to be White

  1. The sad irony is that the global elite vision was hatched by whites who will still be there as the miscegenation class is bred.

    They are trying to do away with educated whites because then there is no opposition; the cuckolds fall for the idea they are part of the elite. They will be gotten rid of once they’ve been used.

    1. Your spot on. In fact what you speak of has happened a lot this year, with many incumbent white Democrats knocked out in primaries by the POC they once championed. The days of a prominent white Democrat are certainly numbered.

    2. Well, they can’t have it both ways. Hopefully that will make the anti-white agenda more the clear for dopes and daydreamers; it may provide more succinct opportunities to summate and open the odd person’s eyes

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