Feminism/ Male rights

The Untenable Demands Placed Upon Men


Among thousands concluded since the 19th century’s close, last week was perhaps feminism’s most destructive one yet.

In the midst of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process, hysterical feminists have commanded males accept 2 new purported gospel truths.

First, if a man at any point in his history, whether a teenager or otherwise; has groped women inappropriately women while clothed, they comprise a Satanic element and should be exiled from respected society.

Second, we must ‘believe women’, even if they’re recounting a 35 year-old story, present little evidence, and balk at attempts to properly investigate their claim.

While this places women in an incredibly powerful position that delegates men to serfdom, there’s another aspect to this struggle which makes these demands entirely indefensible.

On one hand, we have Christine Ford and her unhinged advocates who effectively argue any instance of primordial male aggression towards women, is akin to, if not worse than murder.

Then on the other, approximately 50 % of women report having rape fantasies. Women lustfully incline towards 50 Shades of Grey as well as men who demonstrate raw power, strength and assertiveness.

These divergent, contradictory demands placed upon men are utterly untenable, as they dictate any male pursuit of females will be fraught with enormous financial, social and professional risk.

If radical feminism is truly opposed to all acts of male dominance, should sex: our necessary tool for genetic continuation, be repudiated too?

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