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The Limits of Democracy

<> on August 21, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Isn’t it revealing that those who exhort warnings about “saving democracy,” are eager to remove President Trump from office, through less than democratic means?

Against all odds: the pressures of Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, the political establishment and demographic trajectories; President Trump rose to power through the democratic system.

Despite this authentically populist, grassroots triumph; many prominent Leftists including Elizabeth Warren, are seeking to overturn President Trump’s democratic mandate. But what should such efforts tell us, about the true condition of democracy?

Democracy is clearly not an ends in itself, but a means to effecting political change. And just as disagreements may transpire within families and be overcome through civil means; the same is true in democracies that maintain a certain baseline of shared racial, ethnic, political, historical, cultural, moral or religious identity.

Yet there exists the potential within every democracy, that when disagreements grow so profound, the system becomes bankrupt when it is perceived to inflict morally calamitous consequences.

In effect, this idea that a democratic malfunction occurred when America elected President Trump, appears to be driving those who view each day of the Trump Presidency as wholly unacceptable.

While I disagree with those who seek to forcibly oust President Trump from office; on the fundamental notion of democracy’s limits, I concur.

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