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Why I support Peter Dutton


Given the impending doom mounting over Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and the damaging, potentially fatal result of yesterday’s leadership ballot, Peter Dutton may be our next Prime Minister.

As such, I’d like to explain why I support Dutton’s bid for Australia’s top job, and what makes him different from other senior liberals.

Dutton has sensibly argued that Australia’s immigration levels should be cut. And while I’d rather this went beyond benign conservative talking points, Dutton is more anti-immigration than any of the last 3 Liberal Prime Ministers: Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and John Howard. Having an anti-immigration Prime Minister who sympathises with White South Africans, will surely shift the overturn window away from the globalist establishment, towards implicitly identitarian, nationalist spheres.

Moreover, Dutton has shown a certain political mongrel exists within him: an instinct rarely present in conservative circles. Consider: the reason our national conversation on sexuality shifted from debates over decriminalising homosexuality, into merely questioning those who shove cultural Marxist, pro-gay propaganda down the throats of small children, is that the Left was persistent, aggressive and ruthless, whereas conservatives remained polite, reserved, and confined themselves to externally defined rules of engagement. As I alluded to last month, when political struggles become bitter, those who are most relentless and all-encompassing in their efforts will prevail over civil forces. But when Dutton responded to ABC criticism by declaring “they’re dead to me,” this showed a man who’ll not easily cuck to Leftist blackmail, as many others have done before him.

4 thoughts on “Why I support Peter Dutton

  1. Again I disagree here. Turnbull has done a good job to date and Dutton is a power grabber trying to seize on an opportunity.

    Turnbull is right to focus on climate change. Australia is suffering its worst hot period on record and the climate sceptic numpties continue to deny its impact. Abbott is an arch sceptic – and he really is as thick as pig shit – but every country in the world – bar the US – acknowledges the science and have signed up to the 2015 IPCC Paris Agreement on climate change.

    1. If every country implemented the agreement it would make 0.0015 degrees difference by 2100 (or something like that). Contrary to your claims, I seriously doubt China and India sincerely believe in climate change. How can they believe there’s an impending catastrophe when China is going to expand its emissions until 2035 and start capping then?

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