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Jared Taylor Explains Race Realism


In a video on racial differences in intelligence, Jared Taylor explains the field and dismisses critics in a coherent, concise manner.

Key points worthy of summary include;

The Importance of Accepting Race Realism:

Taylor describes why we must acknowledge racial differences in intelligence, to those who question the morality of discussing the subject. This discussion is important, so that resources are not wasted on closing performance gaps that will exist in perpetuity. To ascribe proper solutions, one must fully understand the problem, rather than hiding away from inconvenient facts. I would also add awareness of IQ is necessary for immigration policy: to prevent the emergence of related problems. Additionally, societies with highly unequal populations are prone to conflict, as observed in South Africa and the American South.

What is the Evidence For Racial Differences in Intelligence?

This is the common challenge posed to race realists: “Where is the evidence, where are the facts supporting your conclusion?” However, as Taylor points out, this is the wrong question. Instead, why should we assume the races are equal in intelligence?

Prior to European settlement, not one African society had invented the wheel, written language, or built a 2 storey building, all tasks which require a certain degree of intelligence. Importantly, Africa is not poor because of colonisation, as African countries that were extensively colonised are more developed today. Long standing disparities also exist between African Americans and White Americans. Nevertheless, even if one contends these differences emanate from the legacy of slavery and segregation, blacks demonstrate similar behaviour in Canada and Britain, which have markedly different histories to the United States.

Moreover, blacks and whites separated from their last common ancestor at least 60 000 years ago. Since then these groups have evolved, and developed dramatically different appearances as observed today. Taylor then asks; “What are the chances that during the time it took the rest of the body to become so different, that the brain remained utterly unchanged?” Put plainly, there is no chance.

To specific evidence, IQ tests over the past 100 years have consistently showed a 15 point difference between White Americans and African Americans.

Responding to Critics of IQ Testing:

Taylor then responds to two major criticisms of IQ testing. These include; a) IQ doesn’t test intelligence and b) testing is biased against blacks.

However, IQ test scores do predict the capacity to conduct activities which require intelligence. These activities include success in school, making money, and learning complicated skills. There are certain jobs, eg. being a chemist or executive, which require a certain minimum IQ score. I would also add IQ is correlated with criminality, civilisational development, and job performance.

Moreover, Raven’s Progressive Matrices is the foremost modern IQ testing method. And this merely requires individuals to respond to and predict the course of patterns, without requiring English or any specific cultural background. Moreover, the fact Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians routinely achieve higher IQ scores than whites, belies conceptions of a biased, white supremacist testing system.

The Impact of Environment/ Genetics on IQ:

Some claim blacks have lower average IQ’s due to their environment rather than genetics. In examining the influence of environment/ genetics on IQ, Taylor references a 1970’s study undertaken by Sandra Scarr and Richard Weinberg. The pair found that black children who had been adopted by upper class whites, achieved IQ’s as high as white children when they were young. However, by the time black children had reached 17-18, their IQ was just 2-3 points higher than average black scores. This study suggests that while socio-economic status can slightly mitigate IQ disparities, it does not eliminate the 15 points difference in black-white scores.

Taylor adds that in 2009, white children of blue collar families in fact outperformed black children of upper class families in their SAT scores, another indicator of genetic influence.

Likewise, Professor Phillip Rushton once established the imperical relationship between cranial capacity and IQ. As while the groups that maintain larger cranial capacity have higher IQs, the opposite is true for those with smaller cranial capacities.

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