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Countering the misplaced altruism behind mass migration

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If recent history is anything of a lesson, the altruistic West is inherently susceptible to emotional, moralistic arguments made on immigration. It took a single drowned Syrian child for Europe to open its borders up to millions of fighting age Muslims, many of whom responded to European hospitality with mass rape, terrorism and the implementation of vigilante Sharia. Likewise, the receptive West was blasted with propaganda over President Trump’s ‘family separation’ policy until Time Magazine overplayed its fraudulent hand, despite the high rates at which illegal immigrants commit crimes.

Despite this obvious absence of newcomer gratitude, the Left is not wildly incorrect about one thing. That is, there are untold billions of people grappling desperate problems: poverty, war, drought, flood, who crave for refuge in the West.

Emerges the question for those who long for permanent, ostensibly European countries: how can we counter this emotional blackmail, and connect with our well-intentioned yet often misguided kin?

As humans are psychological beings incapable of making neutral assessments of political issues, responding with our own emotive advocacy, seems appropriate. More specifically, we ought spiritually connect with those of European descent that are demonstrably responsive to nationalist messaging. We should rephrase their frequent crusades against political correctness, illegal immigration, and African crime, as proxies and expressions for a far deeper crisis facing our embattled civilisation. In doing this, nationalists can speak to a suppressed tribalist realm of the European subconscious that once unleashed, would overwhelm attempts to induce national suicide.

Alternatively for those driven by facts and figures, we can point out empirical differences in IQ scores among populations. And as pointed out by Nick Fuentes, the population of Mexico is fundamentally different to the American people.

For mass migration can provide safety, welfare, and educational benefits to those who come to Western countries. However, this doesn’t change group differences, or give meaningful answers to why Mexican society doesn’t function as American or other Western societies do.

Rather than solving problems, mass Third World immigration motivated by misplaced altruism, deflects questions of civilisational development and indefinitely passes the buck. Mass immigration spreads the Third World’s problems to the West, instead of effecting meaningful positive change.

This might be a difficult truth for charitable Westerners eager to save the world. But once one understands this reality, it becomes impossible to morally sanction population replacement, which unending humanitarian migration necessarily entails.

5 thoughts on “Countering the misplaced altruism behind mass migration

    1. Big business motivates the capitalist right towards supporting mass immigration. But the Left who are the primary movers behind mass immigration, are certainly motivated by altruism.

    2. You think so? Motivated by profits sounds more valid.

      Since rulers were outsmarted by liberals the rulers became liberals as well.

      Conservatives and the right of the right are morons who only want confirmations for their crooked ideas without looking at the result for they don’t have the brains and abstraction to see the links between their own realities and crooked minds.

      Left wing and right wing are both of the same bird. When you as a rightist start to fight the leftists they get want they want and will sell you the guns needed, and so will they provide the leftists guns too to fight back.

      Dead people don’t need money, in their reason.

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