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The great Leftist contradiction

Identity Politics

Many across the broad dissident Right routinely point to the great contradiction underlying Leftist thought: that identity, culture, and history profoundly matter to people of colour, however, when even the slightest of comparable feelings are expressed for Europeans, the latter are attacked as being bigoted, racist, and engaging in behaviour from which genocide will inevitably ensue.

While all cultures and peoples bear historical responsibility for crimes, the Left’s attempt to deny, downplay and denigrate pro-Western sentiment wreaks of irredeemable bigotry: that which seeks to destroy a people.

One can observe this phenomenon in objections to the contentious ’14 words’ slogan; “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

While no reasonable person could endorse the source from which this quote originated, the truth is the truth even if a liar said it.

And truth be told, there is nothing more basic, intrinsic and central to human nature, than seeking the survival of one’s people.

Amidst being banned from Patreon, Faith Goldy’s adaptation of this slogan to replace the word ‘white’ with ‘Aboriginal’, demonstrates this hypocrisy for all fair-minded, logical people to see.

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