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Why Prince Harry is Making a Big Mistake

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Tonight shall bear witness to the long-awaited royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

With much excitement, anticipation, and media attention around, some good wishes appear in order. I personally hope for their own sake, that Meghan and Harry find happiness from their marriage.

Nevertheless, overwhelming evidence suggests that Prince Harry is making a great mistake in wedding Meghan Markle; both personally and for the English people.

Meghan Markle is 35 and rapidly approaching infertility. She is divorced, has long worked in the degenerate hotbed that is Hollywood, and does not appear to be a commitment type. There are ensuing controversies pertaining to her family, who warned Harry against the marriage. Out of this, why would a royal with 30 million of his own women to pick from, opt for an ageing actress past her prime?

This marriage, moreover, will have consequences beyond those directly extending to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Given the British royal family’s history of relative racial homogeneity, the union between a white Englishman and a biracial American woman is being heralded as a day ‘full racial integration’. As many praise the interracial nature of the wedding, this event will be used to push for further mixed-race marriages. If the British royal family is breaking with tradition and marrying across racial lines, why shouldn’t you?

Propaganda of the international press aside, no matter how we may want it to be, genetic similarity matters as people subconsciously seek the survival of their own genes. This is precisely why people naturally choose partners of similar stock, and why mixed-race marriages have higher rates of divorce. Children of mixed race couples also experience higher rates of depression, in struggling for sufficient answers to their racial identity.

It is one thing to argue individuals should have a freedom to marry who they like. But the preferences of an exceptional few, is a radically different matter to encouraging practices that will ultimately annihilate all racial groups.

Make no mistake about it, Prince Harry is diminishing the English people by marrying across racial grounds. For the definition of anything, necessarily comes to the exclusion of other things. If it becomes impossible to concisely define what the English people are, they will cease to exist as a distinct group. As argued by the Guardian, the royal wedding will make it ‘impossible’ to claim blacks are not not British.

Put simply, Meghan Markle is not English. This isn’t an insult, but merely a statement of fact. She is African American and strongly identifies with her black mother. Evidently, Markle maintains a fundamentally different identity, that is genetically and spiritually not English. No matter what she does for the rest of her life: adopts an English accent, drinks tea, follows cricket, endears herself to St Georges Day or otherwise, she can never be English. She might adopt an English passport, but this is separate from being an English person. Just as how if Harry moved to the United States, began rapping, playing basketball and eating KFC, he could never become an African-American to the fullest extent.

So when the royal family trivializes the admission of new members, allows the mass Islamisation of their country and abandons its own people, one must whether it retains any point.

Naturally in this context, many are increasingly questioning the relevance of the Commonwealth Games, and the Commonwealth altogether.

We likewise shouldn’t be fooled about those who see Meghan and Harry as a so called ‘people’s couple’, who could reinvigorate the British monarchy. Those loudly celebrating this event often have anti-colonial, anti-white views, and do not see Britain as a force for historic or contemporary good.

This celebration will be short-lived and will subside long before the royal family’s degradation meets its likely end. As when the family who embodied a people becomes genetically debased beyond recognition, that people and its global diaspora will naturally relinquish their loyalty.

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