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Why Europeans are being written out of their own history

Joan of Arc

We often hear about isolated, scattered instances of anti-white sentiment, including the re-writing of Western history. This makes Mark Collett’s recent video particularly useful, as he methodically outlines many examples of this ongoing trend.

Upon reflection, there appear two reasons for this deliberately distorted portrayal of Western history.

First, this propaganda aims to portray proponents of ethnonationalism and homogeneity as radicals, that are boundlessly far detached from historic conceptions of normality. When in reality, the real radicals are the visionaries and tireless proponents of an increasingly multi-cultural, splintered, unnatural order.

Second, the rewriting of history aims to disconnect European people from their ancestors, in downplaying their past achievements, struggles, triumphs and experiences. One might ask: “but what difference would this make, our ancestors are dead anyway?” However, when one’s existence is psychologically divorced from the past and one thinks entirely in contemporary terms, there is far less motivation to underpin any driven and determined civilisational defence. Today’s prominent identity groups; black nationalists, white nationalists, civic nationalists, Islamic nationalists, and Zionists all draw upon their stories of the past to inspire those in the present. Without the ability to draw upon history, humans are largely left as mindless, rootless units of flesh who exist only live well and please themselves.

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    1. Precisely. We have a substantial white problem to deal with, which is the great tragedy of our struggle.

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