Identitarianism/ White Identity

The inescapable nature of identity politics

For many on the anti- SJW Right, identity politics is an oppressive phenomenon which requires opposition at every turn.

But when measured against evidence, this perspective is uncovered as deluded and contradictory to observed realities.

Consider: Charlie Kirk who embodies this anti-SJW Right, exhaustively professes that identity politics is wrong because we should “judge people as individuals, not as part of a collective or some fictitious identity group.”‘

And yet, Charlie Kirk is incapable of practicing what he preaches. His organisation of Turning Point USA holds summits for ‘Young Latino Leadership’, ‘Young Women Leadership’ and Young Black Leadership’.

With Kirk seeking the support of legitimate identity groups to further his brand, it becomes clear his blanket opposition towards identity politics is a deceptive facade, employed to avoid difficult questions about ethnonationalism.

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