Anti-White sentiment · The Leftist war on Western traditions

The destruction of white history


Last year, a physical and spiritual battle was waged between the ‘Unite the Right’ rally and ANTIFA, over the statue of Confederate General Robert. E Lee, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Now unsurprisingly, the goal posts have shifted, and a statue which which was seen to demean slaves has been removed from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Just as how the Leftist narrative on racism has radically changed from outright bigotry  to virtually anything, we should predict constantly changing attacks with regard to statues depicting white Americans.

Of course, all symbols connected in any way to slavery will be abolished. Then, as Leftists view pre-1970’s America as irredeemably racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic, likely all symbols tied to segregation will be scrapped.

Ultimately, as minorities rise in power, all statues relating to Europeans will be dismantled, just as in today’s America, whites are driven off campus to satiate the rainbow coalition’s unbridled bigotry.

As accurately summarised by Peter Brimelow, this trend “will not stop until white Americans are utterly extirpated from the land they built.”

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