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The great double standard on in-group favouritism


In today’s world, European in-group favouritism of any description is condemned as illogical, outdated, bigoted and most profoundly of all, racist.

This pattern was observed last week, as Leftist outrage erupted after a short- lived Optus job advertisement stated it was seeking candidates from an ‘Anglo Saxon’ background.

Evidently from the Left’s perspective, it is unacceptable that one’s race be considered for employment, or fulfilling deeds, when it comes to Europeans.

But when it comes to other ethnic minorities among us, a dramatically different response is drawn.

Consider section 50 of WA’s Mental Health Act of 2014, which outlines that where mental health assessments are conducted, so long as it is ‘practicable and appropriate to do so,’ those of ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent’ should be assessed in collaboration with ‘Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander mental health workers.’

Imagine that. Isn’t this a curious clause to pass in the modern era, where race is seen as superfluous and multiculturalism is held as an inevitability? Why on earth would those with particular racial, cultural and linguistic characteristics, wish for the aid, comfort and understanding of their own? And what business does a legislature have assuming such a thing?

To be clear, we shouldn’t ridicule, criticise, or even call into question legislation which allows Aboriginal people to seek the services of their own.

Yet, we should highlight the gigantic contradiction this clause brings to attention: how can Leftists so willingly permit Aboriginal in- group favouritism, yet ruthlessly beat it down when similar themes emerge for whites?

For instance, while members of the dissident right can disagree with manifestations of Black Lives Matter, they can understand the inherent appeal of a sincerely nationalist movement, and seek to caress these drives accordingly.

But Leftists are not engaging in this type of nuanced thinking at any level or addressing their humongous double standard. There appear two possible reasons for this.

First, that the modern Left is so far deranged by Marxist echo chambers and anti- Western hysteria, that they are incapable of seeing their own hypocrisy.

Then there is the latter explanation, which seems more likely. Leftists don’t care about inconsistency on in-group favouritism, providing these means are a vehicle for the appropriate ends. So long as the preponderance of European people in all societies (white supremacy), is harmed to the point of civilisational no return and eventual racial extinction, these dishonest tactics will be yielded to the bitter end.

2 thoughts on “The great double standard on in-group favouritism

  1. pc lefties seem to operate the same in every country. They helped to destroy the United Kingdom, France has become semi-Arab, Germany is now on its way, Sweden is a disaster and it is only here in Eastern Europe where I live that there is strong opposition to multiculturalism.

    1. Yeah I’m a big admirer of Eastern Europe’s resilience in the face of EU/ globalist attempts to erase their respective national identities. From where in Eastern Europe do you hail?

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