Nationalist/ Tribalist themes

The simple truth of nationalism

While globalists have resources, Hollywood, the media and government policy (largely) on their side, nationalists/ identitarians/ pro European advocates have an eternally powerful tool: the truth.

Amidst smears, doxxing or physical attacks, this sincere, rooted perspective should never be forgotten.

For it doesn’t take great intelligence or complex theories to establish that aspirations for survival, and group self determination represent the most innate human desires.

When the civilisational/ political debates can be approached from this simple, genuine outlook, as basic reason dictates, nationalism will ultimately prevail.


3 thoughts on “The simple truth of nationalism

  1. You can be anything you want as long as it is approved and non-Western. Gang rape in a European town square is PC, diversity correct and acceptable. You could ask Angela Merkel and the media except they don’t seem to know about that cultural proclivity. I’ll take my brand of culture appropriating, Elvis loving nationalism.

  2. Good video. Sometimes people need to hear the blunt truth and pc liberal indoctrinated Europeans should heed these wake up calls.

    1. Thankyou Ivan! Sometimes it is worth getting back to basics, and this appears the best way to awaken these people you describe.

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