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Why the West is wrong on nationalism

Western nationalism

Whenever nationalist issues of immigration, identity, pride, culture and race emerge across the Western world, we excessively consider the perspectives of immigrants and outsiders over our own.

While these preferences are misplaced, that isn’t to suggest a tunnel- visioned, Eurocentric view that inflicts endless suffering upon third worlders is desirable.

To the contrary, Western interventions conducted in the name of humanitarianism is often deleterious to purported beneficiaries, as observed in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Further, Western countries taking in masses of high IQ migrants damages developing African/ Asian nations by creating brain drains, and encouraging the permanent resettlement of young, able-bodied ‘refugees’ is harmful to abandoned Middle Easterners. It is also morally unjust to encourage a successful civilisation as the West has been, into a needless, heedless suicide. As should the exceptionally altruistic West one day fall to migrants, civil war and racial division, the whole world will bear calamitous consequences for it. Ironically, the objects whom globalists profess their dearest love for: polar bears, pollution, Muslims and Africans, will be the most adversely affected under such a world. (One only needs observe China’s destruction of its own environment and shameless past mass murder, to envision our planet bereft of Western influence).

Back to the specifically Western problem with nationalism: we are overtly reluctant to place our own people first, despite it being in both our cultural and biological interests to do so. And when one views the non- western world, it becomes clear this exorbitantly magnanimous standard is only applied by Western nations.

A recent trip to Indonesia brought this to my attention, as upon arrival, the plane captain bluntly declared; “The penalty for drug trafficking in Indonesia is death.” One week later upon my departure, large airport signs directed people to lines according to whether they were ‘INDONESIAN’ or ‘FOREIGNER.’

In these instances, there was no mistaking whose land I was presently in, and whose laws ruled supreme. Regarding Indonesia, one can recall their 2015 execution of 2 Australians on drug trafficking charges, despite our country’s feeble pleas for ‘mercy.’

While anecdotal, these 2 recent occurrences in Indonesia broadly reflect the tendency for non- white nations to unapologetically place their own countries first. For no oil- laden gulf nation accepted Syrian ‘refugees,’ and the developing world’s signature to the Paris Climate Agreement held few commitments to cut pollution, but many handouts in return, to counter the supposedly global threat of climate change. Similarly, seldom does anyone see or hear any semblance of African shame or guilt to European levels, despite the countless genocides and wars that have been waged in Africa since colonialism’s close.

However, things are very different in the West.

EU elites have been continually facilitating the flow of Islamic migrants, despite it inflicting tremendous harm upon European people.

Whenever Manus Island migrants are brought into public attention, the Greens hector the Australian government on this supposedly inhumane and uncaring practice. Never mind these migrants attempted to reach our shores ILLEGALLY, and they were more than troublesome when moving into new accommodation, which was funded by Australian taxpayers, of course.

Comparably absurd rhetoric was observed last month in the ongoing battle over DACA. Despite President Trump offering effective amnesty to 1.8 million illegal ‘Dreamers’ (although there remain doubts over this offer’s legitimacy), the Left was unhinged in reaction, with the ACLU slamming it as a ‘white supremacist ransom note.’

Irrespective of these muddled Western priorities, the truly moral position is to tend to ourselves first, and others second.

The onus of solving the world’s problems at our own detriment, is not on us. We have the inherent right to place our own people first as all other nations freely do, regardless of inaccurate, or truth- based accusations of wrongdoing designed to push the West into an eternal state of apology, too afraid to affirm obvious self interests. But even when the West has misstepped, there remains no real impetus to fall on its own sword. In particular, there is no justification for national suicide that overwhelms the strength of Burke’s oft- quoted idea of society being a contract between who are living, those who are dead, and those who are yet to be born.

Many on the Right routinely criticise the behaviours of migrants in Western host nations. Yet, the predictably harmful practices of migrants, would never have been possible but for western elites support for mass immigration, and the mainstream’s partial approval.

The numbers of migrants coming in and external forces will continue to matter. But the reason European societies like France are disintegrating with a 10 % Muslim population, whilst Israel thrives as a 17 % Muslim nation, is that France has become disconnected with its ancestors, lost purpose, and a basic will to ensure ethnic survival, whereas Israel who continues to maniacally preserve its Jewish state, has not.

Unless the West can abolish endless guilt and will itself back to the natural, essential ideology of nationalism, it will never win the defining cultural, religious, and racial conflicts of our time.

8 thoughts on “Why the West is wrong on nationalism

  1. The Satanic elite that conjured the 1st and 2nd world wars, like all the blood and chaos after are immune to the millions of deaths they have demanded en route to their global kingdom of Godless man. They are yet determined to make this happen, despite Brexit, Trump and other national movements.

    While the UK and the USA won the geographical battles of WW2, they have since then decidedly lost the ideological wars. If we do not turn the tide and win those now, all will be lost.

    I am constantly reminded of that prophetic scene in “Lord of the Rings: Two Towers”, while the king, recently awoken from his spell slumber, awaits the onslaught in Helm’s Deep he monologues: “The sun has gone down on the West. The old alliances are dead. How did it come to this?”

    Too many decades of hedonism. Time to sober up and get our heads on straight as to the real choice we face:

    1. Many groups. They wear different hats.

      If you’ve got a moment, for a great read, pick up a copy of Albert Camus: “The Rebel”.

      If you can get through that it will be easier for us to make sense of it.

      Keep up the great work.

  2. Indeed, it’s time to get off the path to suicide. Western Civilization is in a death struggle with the Marxist anti-historical Left – and too few realize this …

    1. Well if you ask me it’s going to take more than getting off the path to suicide, we need radical action to turn this sinking ship around.

  3. Western peoples aren’t allowed nationalism because of the Holocaust and the perceived threat of another. It’s as simple as that.

    1. Yes the holocaust, slavery and colonialism all come into it. It’s time to end this suicidal path.

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