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Security ‘experts’ call for car free zones

When our security ‘experts’ cannot link Islamic ideology to acts of violence, they come up with extensive responses to obvious symptoms, rather than confronting the problem itself.

While seldom mentioned in the mainstream media, Islam is the problem, not cars. And so called ‘ram attacks’ which are deliberate and murderous in nature, only occur when radical Muslims are present.

So government can continue setting up diversity barriers, expanding police powers and perhaps even ban cars from Australian city centres, in the name of keeping us safe.

But none of these reactive measures (of which more shall be required as the Muslim population grows), will be as effective as a wholesale ban on Islamic immigration. And once the floodgates have been shut, we can start measures which would encourage Muslims’ voluntary return to their ancestral homelands.

5 thoughts on “Security ‘experts’ call for car free zones

  1. Yep just wait until the rainbow coalition triumphs: they will turn upon people in a brutal manner…

  2. Yes! A restricted immigration policy would put an end to much of this … but notice how the Left works in its desire to deprive us of cars … They will only be happy when they have reduced what was once Western Civilization back to the Stone Age – but they, as our Governing Elites, will lord it over us in luxury …

    1. Yeah for all the criticisms of our past, we never had these constant acts of terror in the 1950s/ 60’s. If this problem was started by immigration, it can only be solved through similar means.

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