South Africa

South Africa’s Farm Murders

The place of white South African farmers is increasingly threatened as the years progress. For while countless murders have made South African farming the world’s most dangerous occupation, its government seems complicit in fostering an extraordinary hatred of whites, arguably culminating in these savage farm killings.

Moreover, the road to lasting peace between South African blacks and whites, is difficult to envision. But it is clear that for far too long, we have been overtly shortsighted and indignant about South African race relations. And in ending one form of oppression (apartheid), we misled ourselves to believe any solution would automatically be better than the problem.

If South Africa does not ease its anti- white intolerance soon, Afrikaners will continue to flee or be killed. And any decline in South Africa’s white population (in particular their farmers), will greatly disadvantage those they leave behind.

6 thoughts on “South Africa’s Farm Murders

  1. This comment will give the Left all the paint it needs to forever varnish me as being a racist – but, according to them, all whites are racists anyway. Here it is:
    The is not a single country in Africa – not one – that is better off today than it was under colonial rule. If anything, every one of them has slipped backwards by at least a century.

    1. Too right you are there on the truth about Africa. And regardless, I’d rather be on the side of truth, than on a side that relies on mental gymnastics and insults to defend their position. Stay tuned for more on this controversial topic!

  2. A good documentary and yet a story we’ve heard many times before. I have family who live in Cape Town. They live behind their bars on the windows, steel doors and ‘panic rooms’. But it’s cheaper than the UK and the climate is better. I just wouldn’t want to live like that …. ever.

    1. No, cheap prices and weather isn’t worth it. Just look at the grizzly fate that laid before the Van Bredas, after they gave up Australia to move back to their native land.

  3. At the risk of sounding racist I can only say that the white race is responsible for most, not all, of the great technological leaps forward and for maintaining countries in which the human race can continue to grow; some refuse to grow, or are incapable. Most of the screaming liberals – many white – have the attitude anymore of: No Whites Need apply.

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