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Who wants to abolish the white race?

Jared Taylor’s recent video on surging anti- white sentiment reveals 3 pertinent lessons.

First, no matter how hard ‘white allies’ try, they will never fully be on the side of minorities bent on tearing down Western civilisation. Whether seen in fervent requests to recognise ‘white privilege,’ to calls for slavery reparations, to demands for mass white suicide, to actual anti- white violence, this rhetoric represents a non- negotiable express train: explicitly headed towards the complete disenfranchisement of Western civilisation, and European people’s ultimate extinction. No matter the tolerance, altruism or generosity shown, radical anti- white advocates will discard all whites when given the chance.

Second, self- described attempts to abolish the cultural ‘construction’ of whiteness are futile, as a destruction of culture inevitably involves the elimination of those who carry this culture: white people.

Third, there is a particularly vile, frenzied opposition to the mere existence of white people. There is no comparable rhetoric widely expressed against any other race, despite European people creating the modern world as we know it.

As such, there is to be no neutral ground when countering a foe which seeks our annihilation. Nor time to idly spectate, as the enemies of Western Man use his own tools against him.

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