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The implications of Shitholegate


President Trump recently caused a furore by allegedly referring to Haiti and African countries as ‘shitholes.’

But despite media condemnations/ obfuscations in both Left and Right wing media circles, is he wrong?

I can hardly imagine these critics would voluntarily trade in their cosy Western life for Haiti. And for all the celebrities who swore they would leave the United States under a Trump Presidency, which one of them picked Haiti?

Which begs the question: why is Haiti such a desolate, impoverished place to live? Could it be due to Western imperalism and oppression?

Considering that Haiti was once considered to be the ‘Paris of the Antilles,’ only for it to fall into disrepair in the centuries after its remaining whites were exterminated, this answer is insufficient.

So what else could possibly be blamed?

8 thoughts on “The implications of Shitholegate

  1. … and further, I LIVE in a $hî†høL∑ country – California where in less than 30 years the Democrats have turned the world’s 6th largest economy into a wasteland of actors (who are a group of sexual predators and perverts) and illegal immigrants driving the freeways with no insurance and high on now-legal marijuana. Wide swaths of the cities of Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond, run by the Democrats for more than 50 years look like those photos you see of what the Democrats have done to Detroit.


    1. Well I think the Dems are trying to embarrass their president on the world stage which is deeply unpatriotic. But I am saying whether Trump said it or not, this is an accurate description to describe Haiti as a ‘shithole’. And of course, no better than the Leftists in California (as well as Sadiq Khan in London), to ruin the places they govern.

  2. I don’t believe that President actually made that statement. Senator “Little Dick” (because of his diminutive height) Durbin is notorious for twisting things for political advantage. Also it should be noted that this was reported by the notoriously anti-Trump Washington (Com)Post by two “anonymous sources” who gave the “message” to two other people who WEREN’T in the meeting. Senator Tom Cotton, who was there and has impeccable credentials, said that the President didn’t call the countries in question “$hî†høl∑$”. The is another manufactured crisis by the Establishment and Deep State in their on-going efforts to force President Trump from office. The speed with which this has travelled through the media and the rapidity with which the story has been accepted even by people who should know better (Mia Love, call your office …) shows how well-coordinated the effort to topple Trump is between the Establishment Democrats, many Establishment Republicans and the media.

    Among the things that irritate me about this is the people who are tut-tutting President Trump over ALLEGEDLY saying this gave BJ Clinton a pass for what he did with a barely-adult intern in the Oval Office and the same crowd forgets that Lyndon Johnson liked to have sex with his secretary on the desk in the Oval Office and they conveniently forget how crude and obscene Johnson was:


  3. I think you make some great points that the Pootus could have made, should have made, but chose not to make because he knows that he is the most boring thing alive within the observable Universe and he just couldn’t resist yet another chance to piss everybody off and keep us all talking about him, him, him, instead of the really important things we should be talking about, like the stuff you said in your post. Please don’t defend this guy. You would make a better President than T-Rump.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Although remember there is only so much a right wing politician can say to achieve electoral success, whereas freelance bloggers have more scope to say the uncensored truth.

    2. I think Trump has changed those rules. When you can advise young men to “grab’em by the pussy” and still become Pootus, the rules have changed.

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