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Malcolm Turnbull’s submission to China


Last year, I highlighted the problem of infinitely expanding trade with China.

And suggested that in a trade deal where Australia is flooded with cheap, disposable products, while China gets jobs and wealth, China comes out as the clear winner.

Likewise, it appeared that when push came to shove, China would exercise a stranglehold over Australia’s foreign policy, given its immense power over our economic affairs.

To the present, we don’t exactly know what inspired Malcolm Turnbull’s endorsement of Chairman Mao, arguably the most savage, sadistic, psychopathic dictator of all time.

Nor should our foreign policy be entirely based upon only making relations with countries that are morally pleasamt, whilst key national interests are ignored.

But when the Australian Prime Minister seeks to appease China through heaping praise upon Chairman Mao amidst rising tension, one must suspect that Turnbull’s fear of punitive economic action is playing a heavy part. Further, our nation should never sacrifice our European, humanistic heritage, in the name of grovelling to natural enemies.

We’ve heard plenty about Sam Dastyari, who Chinese officials used to influence our political processes. Chinese millionaires inflate the housing market particularly in Sydney, at the cost of native born Australians. China is also staunchly opposed to our allies in the United States and Japan. Moreover, the historic Chinese devotion to communism is diametrically opposing to Australia’s story.

With a spineless Prime Minister, and a worse opposition leader, Australians ought keep an eye on China into the future. And this includes, pushing for gradually lesser Chinese trade and investment with Australia, while our nation can still stand on its own feet.

3 thoughts on “Malcolm Turnbull’s submission to China

    1. Yep, Turnbull has never backed conservative Australia in his time as PM. At current trajectory, he will get smashed at the next election.

  1. The point of economic disparity, due to the so-called free trade, is well taken and it has definitely ruined the west. However, no human being is a “natural enemy” of another. There are destructive ideologies and their perpetrators, that free societies need to stand up against and protect themselves, but certainly not hard working common people.

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