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Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects

If Sweden, or other nations truly believed in multiculturalism and that diversity is a ‘strength,’ it would willingly discuss the facts.

Instead, the government dodges, manipulates, and even bans those who dare mention the factually clear: that many immigrants bring along undesirable traits prevalent in the third world, and this is manifested in higher crime rates.


Breitbart, by Chris Tomlison, December 5, 2017:

Sweden has proposed banning the public use of legal document search engine Lexbase, which is used to identify the ethnic origins of Swedish criminal suspects.

According to the Swedish government, the data released by the website is too sensitive for the public and should be limited only to professionals like lawyers, journalists, and researchers. Previously, the website was protected under the Swedish Freedom of Expression Act, but the new legislation could limit what data they are allowed to release, Dagens Industri reports.

In a statement posted to their website, Lexbase wrote: “The right to read these public documents easily via Lexbase will, if the proposal is adopted, be reserved to professionals, such as lawyers, journalists, and various companies.”

While Justice Minister Morgan Johansson said that journalistic activity would not be affected, he left the definition of what constitutes “journalistic activity” open to question.

For many years, the Swedish government has stopped the collection of statistics relating to the ethnic or religious background of criminals, making it difficult for researchers to track the correct rate of migrant crime, as opposed to crimes committed by native Swedes.

Some, like police officer Peter Springare, have claimed that the majority of serious crimes are committed by migrants or individuals from migrant backgrounds. Others have used freedom of information requests to look at crimes on a case-by-case basis and track the rate at which criminals born overseas have offended.

One research project attempted to look solely at cases of gang rape in Sweden and found, through examining court documents, that nine out of 10 gang rapes were committed by asylum seekers and individuals with a migration background.

7 thoughts on “Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects

  1. This is either criminal naivette or supression of facts and freedom or both. Either way, this is wrong on so many levels. Forcing illegal immigrants on the general population and now preventing anyone from knowing about the crimes that they are comitting….. jeeez!!!

  2. There is a statement that I have long said, and it is a very true statement yet I am sure others throughout human history has also said it. The statement is simply “if what you say is 100% truthful, then it is not slander.” The Swedish Government seems to have lost that fact from their memories.

    1. Yep, it’s times like this that the facts are subordinate to the Swedish government’s feelings.

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