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Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

As explained by George Hutcheson, ‘multiculturalism’ in the sense that nations should be impartial to all peoples and cultures, is not possible. As at present, no land can ever be fully culturally neutral, and the prevalence of some cultural/ ethnic/ religious groups will always come at the expense of less significant groups. We can hypothesise about what this expense should resemble, but the necessity of an underpinning, core culture within a nation state, is indisputable. Given the context of growing momentum against age- old monuments and Australia Day, we should remember the nation’s role is not to act as some objective, dispassionate, seeker of truth. Rather, the role of a nation is to act in the interests of their own.

Likewise, while this blog has previously highlighted the post- Charlottesville witch- hunt for ‘white supremacy,’ Hutcheson sheds light on what drives this vociferous frenzy. Instead of white supremacy being manifested among those who wish to systematically oppress minorities through obvious means, white supremacy is now measured along cultural lines. In effect, this means any placing of European culture before others, represents a form of oppression which requires radical political change.

Ultimately, given Western culture and people is seen as an eternal source of oppression, the desired action is clear: that European people be driven out, subjugated, and overwhelmed wherever they live.

Only when this occurs, can the spectre of ‘white supremacy,’ be truly beradicated.

3 thoughts on “Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

  1. “White supremacy” or “white privilege” is an extremely nefarious idea perpetrated by leftists to dismantle the western societal structure. In every single country in the world the local population, just by sheer numbers and history, holds position of power and dominance. The question is how do nations treat other ethnicity or races. All “white countries”, so to speak, have remained open for all races who have thrived in “white countries”. Take USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc where racially diverse people are thriving in their respective positions, at least much better off than they would be in their native land. We have corporate CEOs who are not white – Google, Microsoft, Pepsi and a whack of others. So the idea that whites enjoy some sort of special privilege, that is systemically advantageous to them, is a fallacy. “White” countries are the most open, free societies in the world. Perpetrators of this myth should answer how “other races” are treated in non-white countries such as the middle east, Pakistan, China and many others. Not only are there ethnic and racial barriers, there are political and systemic roadblocks that are impossible to navigate through.

    What the leftists quickly point to is the condition of African Americans. Statistics should never be used without context. Yes they are arrested more than whites, but that is because a disproportionate >60% of crimes are committed by them. Yes they are far more impoverished but few would argue that there isn’t a lingering victim mentality with many that makes them think that the country is responsible for their misery. Yes, the forefathers committed crimes by bringing Africans as slaves and no one is proud of it. America has come a long way in since then. A black president did not come to power with only black votes. The so-called white privileged masses also came out in huge numbers to vote for him. America remains by and large a meritocracy – you work hard and you do well. But that goes against the leftist socialist ideology that wants people to believe that they should be getting their share of everything doing nothing!!

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