Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

Theresa May stoops to a new low

Theresa May has stooped to a new low. And that’s saying something.

You’d ordinarily think that videos of Muslims committing atrocities, would showcase anti- infidel violence.

But in the Western dhimitude of 2017, pointing out Muslim violence makes you ‘hateful’ and ‘divisive.’

Never mind the people who are being pushed off buildings, mutilated, burnt, murdered, and blown up by Islam every year.

Nor the brave Briton by the name of Jayda Fransen, who is threatened with jail time for exposing the truth about Islam.

6 thoughts on “Theresa May stoops to a new low

  1. Not surprisingly, Nigel Farage is right: Theresa May needs to be on the receiving end of a broom and swept from office.

    Fact about the KKK that the Left wants everyone to forget: it was/is an adjunct of the Democrat party in the U.S.

  2. I do not deny that ISIS is hateful and dangerous to anyone who does not share their narrow vision for society. Nor do I deny that they are genuine Muslims who take their inspiration from the Koran.

    However, I know Muslims who read that same Koran and live very differently. These Muslims, members of my community, have as much to fear from ISIS as I do.

    The KKK is the best known and perhaps the most vicious of the white supremacist organizations that are again becoming prominent in America today. I understand that many of them think of themselves as Christian and take their inspiration from the Bible. I do not deny that they are genuine Christians. I deny that they represent what the religion, Christianity, is all about. I do not have to abandon my religion because of this group’s perverse reading of the scriptures.

    Your comment about me being lazy is accurate to this extent: by implication, I paint all white supremacists with the same brush, using only the most hateful form as the only example. Imagine how a Muslim feels when Trump lumps all Muslims together with ISIS in one undifferentiated mass.

    The “truth about Islam” is that this religion, like Christianity and Buddhism, or even Communism for that matter, has splintered into numerous subgroups, some of which are deeply antagonistic to each other.

    ISIS would like nothing better than for us to frame our struggle with them as a war against Islam. It is not.

    1. Well we’ve tried being open, not condemning Islam, bringing many to the West and giving them the very best of modern healthcare, education and welfare. And in response, mainstream Islamic organisations repeatedly hinder counter terrorism efforts, are often anti- integration, and get overly defensive whenever those point out the obvious about Islam. And sometimes, these Muslim migrants/ their children, turn out to act as terrorists against the West.

      We’ll never solve a problem until it is properly diagnosed, and the truth is there is no other religion on Earth, that holds as its prophet a warlord, has open ended commandments of violence to its followers across the world in its holy text, and is carrying out a religious genocide (Christians in the Middle East).

      There is also no other religion which contains a religiously justified system of laws which systematically subjugates disbelievers (Sharia).

      It is good when nice Muslims don’t act in this type of way. But any person who has seriously looked at Islam, can see they are acting according to influences outside of Islam, not according to Islam itself. Ultimately, these people are insignificant, and when push comes to shove, most will opt for Islam over the West.

      It only took a handful of ideologues to hijack the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik revolution, whereas the majority acted as useful idiots. Should Islam acquire enough power, the same will be true for ISIS type Muslims, and the majority of Muslims worldwide, as their strongest allegiances lie with the Ummah.

  3. Trump re-tweeted 3 videos.

    In one, a Dutch teenager bullies another Dutch boy on crutches. The caption under the video falsely labeled the bully a “Muslim migrant”. According to the Netherlands Embassy “The perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the Netherlands. He received and completed his sentence under Dutch law.”

    A second video is “Statue of Virgin Mary destroyed by Syrian extremist.” This video is real, from 2013. The cleric in the video later joined ISIS, where I imagine he committed worse atrocities.

    The third video was taken in Alexandria, Egypt, again in 2013, during the unrest that followed the ouster of Mohammed Morsi as President of Egypt. The video is labeled “Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death.” This is not technically inaccurate, but certainly gives an incorrect impression as to what is going on.

    None of this has anything to do with “exposing the truth about Islam”. Yes, ISIS is hateful, but so is the KKK, whose members purport to be Christian. I do not deny that the members of ISIS are Muslim; however, they do not represent “true Islam” any more than the avowed racists who claim Jesus as Lord and Savior are the “true Christians”.

    The videos are hateful and divisive. That is why Trump re-tweeted them.

    1. It’s lazy that you bring up the KKK in response to a post critical of Islam. No matter how bad the KKK was/ is, this doesn’t change the threat that Islam poses. And where do you think ISIS get their ‘hateful’ worldview for constructing a caliphate directing by sharia law? The Koran, and Mohammed, perhaps?

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