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The cultural jihad and Britain’s dhimitude

We can talk about Islam ad nauseum, but for some, words aren’t enough.

Criticism of Islam often draws denial, dismissal, and even mockery from cultural elites, as occurred in February when President Trump alluded to the Islamic- related problems engulfing Sweden.

But while attacking the messenger is easier than attacking the problem itself, when the thuggery, oppression, and self- ascribed supremacy of Islam is recorded on camera, the evidence becomes indisputable.

For that, Lauren Southern’s recent video exposing how mosque officials seek to dominate surrounding areas, is valuable in showcasing the real- life consequences of Islam. Similarly, the behaviour of the police speaks volumes as to the present dhimmitude of Britain’s public servants, in cowering to aggressive Muslim demands.

Moreover, it is interesting (although not surprising) to see the inherent lack of patriotism on display from the Muslim, non- white interviewees. Particularly at 4.00, a telling exchange emerges on the inherently racial overtones of nationalism, and how multiculturalism leads to the end of diversity itself.

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