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The strange place of Islam on the political spectrum


Wednesday morning revealed the result many had anticipated: as Australia voted for gay marriage. Meanwhile, out of this vote emerged an Islamic sub- plot.

The areas that most heavily voted against gay marriage, were the Muslim parts of South- Western Sydney. Which are also predominantly Labor electorates and overall, 10 of the 17 Federal seats who voted against gay marriage, were held by Labor.

Inevitably, this leads to a massive contradiction on the Left side of politics.

Of course, not all members of a political party will agree on every issue. And it’s noteworthy that other immigrant populations, such as the Chinese contributed to areas who voted down gay marriage. But how can Labor, who spent the entire year vigorously pushing for gay marriage, who routinely sought to block debate, and essentially decried all traditional marriage advocates as bigots, be so in company with Islamic Australia, who hold diametrically opposing views to their own?

Truth be told, this Muslim vote against a cause which has become a Left- wing litmus test in modern times, barely scrapes the surface in revealing illiberal views held amongst the Islamic community.

As while Bill Shorten infamously equated support for the postal vote as complicity with youth suicide, the equation for Islam is far simpler: many, many Muslims want gays dead.

So amidst the pandemonium of the successful ‘yes’ campaign, doesn’t this resounding Muslim vote call for any self- reflection?

I’m not suggesting Labor must overnight emulate anti- Islam firebrands in the ilk of Robert Spencer or Geert Wilders.

But if Labor politicians had any principle in standing for gay rights, they would begin to reflect on the thoroughly intolerant nature of Islam, and perhaps modify their uniformly Islamopologist worldview. It’s easy for the Left to ridicule Tony Abbott’s ‘outdated’ views or sneer at conservative Australia, but Leftist plain speaking on the topic of Islam, is inexplicably rare despite the circumstances demanding it.

While reconciling Islam and gay rights is intellectually dishonest, there is another side to reviewing this strong Muslim vote against gay marriage, which is the obvious agreement here between Right- wing Australia, and Islamic Australia.

Some might argue this demonstrates Islam and conservatism share common interests that should be politically utilised, despite the often Islam- critical nature of the Right. In truth, this is where some on the Right have historically stood, and at the 2000 Republican National Convention, Talat Othman was the first Muslim to deliver an invocation at a major party’s convention. And later that year, the majority of Muslim Americans went on to elect President Bush.

At that time, the preponderantly Christian Republican Party and religious Muslims sought common ground on traditional views regarding homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia. Soon after, the terrorist attacks of September 11 projected the realities of 21st century jihad into Western consciousness, and this turned Islam into a natural opponent of the GOP as well as the broader Right.

Although the similarities between social conservatives and Muslims are clear, any alliance between these groups over time- honoured values, would be a false path to societal salvation.

Winston Churchill once described appeasement as being “like feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat you last,” and the same would be true if Right- wing Australia and Muslims banded together.

Sure there may be some room for cooperation, but fundamental, unbridgeable differences would emerge in regards to free speech, the systematic subjugation and murder of disbelievers, the promotion of pedophile behaviour, as well as contempt for Christianity and Western history.

Furthermore, whilst some conservatives object to sodomy, there is a massive difference between moral disagreement with these behaviours, and a legal system which seeks to systematically exterminate homosexuals (Sharia). Essentially, these differences are as stark as that between a man who dislikes certain folk, and one who murders his foes out of unbridled hatred. As such, there is NOTHING worthwhile to be gained out of a Right- Islam alignment.

In truth, Islam should have no place on the Left- Right spectrum, as progressives, libertarians, conservatives and nationalists should all unite in opposing this backward ideology.

But in the absence of proper understandings of the Islamic ideology and/ or the courage to fight, Islam will continue to occupy its strange, unsettled place on the political spectrum.

4 thoughts on “The strange place of Islam on the political spectrum

  1. The reality is left-leaning politics is losing its appeal due to the poor economy principle it is based on. As a result, they are trying to find a new issue and unfortunately this time they found an issue out of dealing with the devil itself. Around a quarter of the world’s population are Muslim. The southpaws are trying to get their votes. Even though in the Islamic countries the leftists are highly persecuted, in the west they are equally celebrated by the Muslims. Double standard everywhere.

    1. Well it shows they don’t care for principle, but rather, they care purely about attaining power.

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