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The Australian Human Rights Commission gone rogue

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has acted improperly in the past.

But its latest advertisement, which combines Marxist anti- white theory with an inexplicably misleading portrayal of Australian professional life, brings this contemptible organisation to new lows.

For the AHRC to invent victims and racial narratives to push its radical Left agenda, is a shameful action. As how are the Australian people (who become more diverse each year) supposed to put aside their differences, when the AHRC pits them against each other under the banner of fighting ‘racism?’

Particularly in times of debt, every dime of tax payer money which goes towards this radical entity, is a terrible waste.

And if Malcolm Turnbull or his colleagues possessed any guts, they would gut this leech of an organisation while self described ‘conservatives’ still govern Australia. But don’t hold your breath.

For the AHRC’s extraordinary advertisement, see below:

5 thoughts on “The Australian Human Rights Commission gone rogue

  1. I’m sure the irony of this being racist against white men is lost on this collection of radical Marxists & hard multiculturalists. More proof, if any was needed, that the left is at war with the white male & multicultural really means less white.
    Notice how this scenario also targets the white woman to turn against the white male.

    1. Yep and some white women may be encouraged to go along with it. But the mob will always eat its own, so once white men are churned out, white women better watch out.

  2. All of the liberals use the same playbook. They all use racism to push their sick agendas. I don’t know how the Australians are handling this but here, in the USA, we mock the left because we are no longer running in fear over their false accusations. They have made themselves ridiculous and they’re too stupid to see it.

    1. Yeah it is a shame and the Australian Regressive Left appears to be getting inspiration from abroad. As debunkable as their beliefs are, they are growing in number, which is the most concerning part.

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