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Groom sentenced in Australian-first child bride case

Ever since Muhammad took 7 year old Aisha, child brides have been central to Islamic doctrine.

So following significant Islamic immigration to Australia, our legal system is beginning to catch up after the explosion of this ancient practice still recognized in Islam.

But is a child bride nation something we want to become? Does this trend represent collateral damage in the name of diversity, or are these diversity’s perks?

That child marriages are now occurring in these free lands, and that the pedophile convicted was an asylum seeker, should be solemn considerations for our country in establishing a future immigration policy.

Child Brides

ABC, by Cameron Best, September 21, 2017:

A man has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for illegally marrying a 14-year-old bride in an Islamic wedding in Melbourne last year.

The Burmese asylum seeker was handed a maximum sentence of 18 months but was given a 12-month release date.

He has already spent nearly a year in custody so will be returned to immigration detention indefinitely on his release in a fortnight.

The man cannot be sent back to Myanmar as he is a member of persecuted minority.

It is the first prosecution in Australia under the laws since they were established in 2013.

Judge Lisa Hannan told the man he clearly knew what he was doing was wrong.

“You knew what you were doing was contravening the law of this country and proceeded in the face of advice to that effect,” she said…

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