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Austin Community College Professor Resigns After Tweeting ‘I’d Be OK If Betsy DeVos Was Sexually Assaulted’

Whenever anyone on the Right is remotely insensitive of an ethnic, gender or sexual minority, the Left heedlessly spirals into a full blown meltdown.

And yet, when Leftists espouse genuinely vitriolic rhetoric, the media grants them a free pass every time.

Linda Sarsour can threaten to ‘take away’ Ayyan Hirsi Ali’s vagina, and get off consequence free.

Similarly, Australian academics have used Pauline Hanson’s pubic hair to criticise the Senator, and the media showed negligible outrage.

And now Leftists engulfed with Trump derangement syndrome are calling for Betty Devos’ sexual assault?

Personally, I’m not one for mincing words, nor censoring controversial political views.

But surely we could raise present standards of debate beyond vile ad hominems.


Breitbart, by Tom Ciccotta, September 15, 2017:

Attorney and professor Robert Ranco has resigned from his teaching post at Austin Community College after tweeting he’d “be OK if” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was sexually assaulted.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Attorney and Austin Community College Professor Robert Ranco wrote that he would “be ok if Betsy DeVos was sexually assaulted.” The tweet has since been archived.

Ranco’s tweet came in response to DeVos’ announcement that she would be implementing changes on how universities handle sexual assault investigations. Specifically, DeVos is implementing changes that will ensure that those accused of sexual misconduct receive the due process rights they deserve.

Earlier this week, Ranco resigned from The Carlson Law Firm. He released an apology statement in which he called the tweet “a mistake.”

 My tweet from Friday was a mistake. I take full responsibility from it. It was my mistake and nobody else’s and I apologize. I’ll be working continuously moving forward to make it for my mistake. I hope that Secretary DeVos and anyone else who was offended, impacted, shocked by my actions that they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.

Now, Ranco has resigned from his post as an adjunct professor of paralegal studies at Austin Community College. In a statement, the school wrote that Ranco’s tweet does not represent the college’s values. “The comment he posted on his personal social media page does not represent ACC’s vision, mission, or values,” the school’s statement read. “The college never condones sexual assault under any circumstance.”

Ranco released an apology to DeVos on Twitter. “I made comments directed at you that were absolutely inexcusable, and I am sorry for that,” he wrote. “I may disagree with your policies, but please know that I don’t believe anyone should ever be subjected to a sexual assault.”

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  1. You have taken up a tribal position except you are in the right tribe opposing those in the left tribe. A close examination of human nature shows we all belong to one tribe that came out of Africa 100,000 years ago called homo sapiens. We have not changed much except for technical advances , instead of spears we drop bombs and shoot guns.

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