6 thoughts on “Gay marriage bullies

  1. Your view on same-sex marriage has very little to no effect on how good a doctor you are. Marriage isn’t a part of your body. If a doctor is operating on you, how can they be imposing their views on you? I’m pretty sure there’s a name for the fallacy that those activists and government leaders are committing.

    1. Precisely right. This is what’s truly disapointing here: the Greens leader Richard de Natale is actually an intelligent man: he practiced as a doctor for 10-15 years! He’s clearly no dummy. But yet to appease of the mob, he goes along with these intellectually dishonest, totalitarian arguments set forth by Getup.

      I can’t imagine any conservative ever trying to get a doctor fired over political views, but such is the state of today’s Left. At the very least, we must remain vigilant, and steadfast in calling out these Stalinist bullies.

    2. Yeah. I don’t know a whole ton about Australian politics, but what I do know is that even though we don’t agree with gay people on LGBTQ issues that at least from a Christian perspective, we are taught to love everyone even if we don’t agree with them or we think they aren’t following Christian teachings (I believe I have a recent blog post about this)…for example, my roommate this year is gay, but that comes up very little in my relationship with her. I can still think of her as a good person and enjoy spending time with her even though we (respectfully) disagree on that issue. The same reasoning (presented in the article embedded in my post) can be applied in secular situations. Many jobs (including many doctors’ jobs) and everyday tasks can be done without having to refer to stances on these issues. If leftists realized/admitted that’s a stance that at least some conservatives come from, there’d be a lot less problems.

    3. Yeah your story is exactly what we need more of. Because although we all love the battle of ideas and being conservative etc, when politics becomes the only part of a persons identity and the only thing they ever discuss with others, we reach a very sick (often Leftist, but not always) place indeed.

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