Anti- White sentiment

Michael Moore can’t wait for whites to die out

Unsurprisingly, Michael Moore is longing for the day that whites become the minority in America.

His reasoning is simple enough: Moore (along with likely much of the Western Left) wishes for native born populations to decrease, so that progressives can dominate politics.

Yet such rhetoric poses the obvious: what type of reaction might unleash, if President Trump or any other prominent conservative publicly wished for ‘angry black females’ to go extinct?

All hell from academia, hollywood and the mainstream media would break loose. And rightly so.

But while the Left pays lips service to ending racism, it casually endorses explictly prejudiced rhetoric against whites.

Hypocrisy much?


“America will be a ‘better country’ when whites are a minority”, Infowars, by Paul Joseph Watson, August 28 2017:

Michael Moore is celebrating the fact that white men are “dying out” because he thinks America’s demographic shift will make it easier for Democrats to win future presidential elections.

“Nearly 70% of the country is either female, people of color, or young adults between 18 and 35, or a combination of the three,” Moore told Fast Company.

“The angry white guy is dying out, and the Census Bureau has already told us that by 2050, white people are going to be the minority, and I’m not sad to say I can’t wait for that day to happen. I hope I live long enough to see it because it will be a better country,” he added.

The Bowling for Columbine star also insinuated that all Trump supporters were racists who hate minorities.

“Here’s another positive thing to look at: Every year 3 million 18-year-olds become adults and [potential] voters, and we raised those kids,” Moore said. “We’ve raised a generation of kids who don’t hate people on the basis of race, or they don’t hate somebody because they’re in love with somebody of the same gender.”

Moore’s remarks are just the latest in a series of ludicrous outbursts from the documentary film maker.

Earlier this month during an appearance on CNN, he compared Trump supporters to rapists. In a Twitter post, Moore demanded that Trump resign in order to spare his kids from being thrown in jail.

Back in March, the far-left blowhard called on Democrats to declare a “national emergency,” claiming that President Trump and his staff are guilty of “espionage”.

Despite supporting Bernie Sanders during the election campaign and criticizing Hillary Clinton for being a warmonger and a Goldman Sachs-owned career politician, Moore suddenly endorsed Hillary and has been a major driving force behind anti-Trump hysteria ever since.

8 thoughts on “Michael Moore can’t wait for whites to die out

  1. Moore used the capitalist system he so systematically verbally trashes to enrich himself. Like most Leftists, he fails to see the irony … and isn’t it curious that the ones that make the most noise about wanting to put an end to Whites are Leftist Whites. Moore should follow his own advice and remove his considerable carbon footprint from the planet …

    1. Haha at the very least he could go off the capitalist grid, move to Veneuzula perhaps! But I doubt he’d have the stamina to cue 3 hours for toilet paper or tolerate other elements of living in a socialist society.

    1. Absolutely! Both hypocrites and traitors to the civilisation that gave them everything they enjoy today. Where’s the sense in that?

  2. This is the perfect example of America getting trolled. This man would have no standing in any normal society. Like his pals, Jesse Jackson and Sharpton, they’d be unknown if they couldn’t keep society in a state of turmoil. Ergo, fomenting trouble is their “career”, like you and I going to a 9 to 5 job. They have no more interest in this being a “better country” than a stick of wood. Their interest is in getting more exposure thereby making more money in this capitalist society that they supposedly hate so much. The “socialist” government they espouse is nothing more than a tool of their trade, much like a hammer is for a carpenter.

    1. True, except the hammer serves a real world purpose to the carpenter. So while socialism serves a purpose to Moore and his ilk, the only real world purpose it serves is economic catastrophe and mass genocide.

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