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Trump Prepares to Lift Limits on Military Gear for Police

While it is important to support the fundamental civilizing force of human society (the police), against BLM, ANTIFA extremists, I find it difficult to agree with President Trump here.

Of course, American police have extraordinarily dangerous circumstances to face, given the abundance of firearms in the public sphere.

And perhaps there should be some circumstances, in which police have access to militiary equipment eg. in suspected terrorist attacks.

But there should be a very good reason to broadly militarize the police force as Trump has done, besides just reinforcing the police.

As apart from appearing more menacing to public bystanders, militarizing the police is inexplicably inconsistent with conservative notions of the second amendment and the potential for resisting government tyranny.

Moreover, after Trump made inroads with minorities in 2016, this appears a foolish political move that will likely limit African- Americans, from returning to the party where they belong.


Time, by August 28, 2017:

President Donald Trump is preparing to lift restrictions on surplus military equipment that can be passed on to local law enforcement agencies in spite of past concerns that armored vehicles and other gear were escalating confrontations with protesters.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press indicate Trump was preparing to sign an executive order undoing an Obama administration directive that restricted police agencies’ access to grenade launchers, bullet-proof vests, riot shields, firearms, ammunition and other surplus military equipment.

Trump’s order would fully restore the program under which “assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be repurposed to help state, local, and tribal law enforcement better protect public safety and reduce crime,” according to the documents.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions could outline the changes during a Monday speech to the national conference of the Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville, Tennessee, a person familiar with the matter said. The person insisted on anonymity to discuss the plan ahead of an official announcement.

The changes would be another way in which Trump and Sessions are enacting a law-and-order agenda that views federal support of local police as a way to drive down violent crime….

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