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Australian Academics Attack Campaign for More Female Exercise Because of “The Male Gaze”

Do radical feminists have any true ideology, or is their focus instead on using any argument available to bash men?

Earlier this year, Women’s AFL was cheered as a new step towards gender equality.

But now, because of hysteria over the ‘male gaze’, encouraging women into sport is an unwelcome thing.

The modern Left has gone insane.

8 thoughts on “Australian Academics Attack Campaign for More Female Exercise Because of “The Male Gaze”

    1. And the more they go insane, the more once- seasoned Lefties such as Latham will turn to the Right side.

  1. Yes, there is insanity amongst us all, left and right! Being on the left, I certainly see the problems with the “male gaze” but the problems in this matter must not be emphasized to the point that we men feel guilty with a simple “gaze.”

    1. You see problems with the male gaze? It’s been established by your “left” that being white is tantamount to a crime. Now the male gaze is in the same category? And are you to be the judge of which gaze is just a simple gaze? I can hear the verdict now: “That’s 60 days and $1000 fine for an intense gaze. Next case.”

      Sorry, but as long as women continue to naturally make themselves beautiful and attractive, I’ll gladly do my natural part and gaze at them.

      Yours truly,
      A white gazer (repeat offender)

    2. You really read to much into this. There are “problems” with everything we do and here I “hold forth” with my skewed view of some of them…just as you do with your “skewed view” elsewhere. For, all of our views are “skewed”…at least in my “skewed” view of the world. Thanks for dropping by.

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