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Responding to the madness in Charlottesville

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With much of the news cycle dominated by #UniteTheRight rally and subsequent protests which led to the deaths of several people, these events deserve some critical attention.

It seems that on such an angry, divisive occasion, no- one (aside from extremist agitators on either side of the spectrum), was able to benefit from such a tragic day.

After hearing of the events which took place and reading headlines such as ‘Nazi’s rally in Charlottesville’ I initially thought: “Here the mainstream media goes again by lying about Nazi presence to deningrate conservatives”. However, it does appear indisputable that some genuinely extreme elements were present in Charlottesville among #UniteTheRight. Additionally, reports suggest that the deranged man who drove a car into the ‘anti- racist’ protesters, was a white nationalist terrorist.

Although, as ANTIFA was present and they are renowned for their Black bloc, thuggish tactics, we can probably assume that this organization was as culpable for the violence as were the #UniteTheRight crowd.

Considering this, it appears intellectually dishonest to blame one side in particular for the violence that took place.

In the aftermath of such scenes, it is difficult to imagine a peaceful path forward. Talk of revenge or a blame game may commence, but either response would be insufficient in ceasing the interminable divisions gnawing at American society.

But when people feel so aggrieved that they resort to violent means (whether justifiable or not), these frustrations clearly should have been relieved at a much earlier point.

Therefore, whether we politically affiliate with the Left or Right, we should all stand united in supporting freedom of speech so that open discourse remains available even to those who hold grotesque views, so that perhaps next time such tensions emerge, violence can be avoided.

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  1. While there may have been some violence on both sides at Charlottesville, only one side bases their entire existence on bigotry, racism, denigration of whole groups of people, and reverence for Nazism. There is NO moral equivalence to the opposing groups of people in Charlottesville. Removing American Civil War monuments is right, just and long overdo. We in America need to follow the example of the Germans who remember WWII by honoring the victims of the war, not the Nazi perpetrators. Confederate generals were treasonous rebels against the Unites States. We must learn about them without revering them. Read this blog by The Raven Report [] and then defend statues of those who fought to continue and spread the barbaric practice of slavery.

    1. I’m not picking sides in the civil war so that’s a red herring. And I’m sorry but ANTIFA does base its existence off bigotry. It regularly attempts to violently shut down peaceful rallies and inflict terror upon those who they disagree with. It’s not just once or twice they have done this, it’s a repeated pattern of violence and intolerance. None of this is to detract from the genuinely awful figures present on the Right at the rally (which includes Nazis). Nevertheless, you are falling for the same set of MSM propaganda set and your conclusions are extremely one sided.

    2. I agree with your opposition to violence being a good solution to conflict. So, I also do not support the violent tactics of Antifa. However, the original reason for the pro-Nazi, white supremacist, KKK rally in Charlottesville was to protest the removal of a Confederate statue and thus support the Confederate dogma. To say “I’m not picking sides in the civil war” is morally bankrupt and repugnant. The entire episode in Charlottesville was about venerating the civil war, racism and white supremacy. The counter-protestors included some Antifa activists, but they were not the majority of counter-protestors and did not create the rally. Accusing me of using “MSM propaganda” is definitely conservative dogma. Saying my conclusions are “extremely one sided” is true. I am proud to be “one sided” when it comes to racists, Nazis, and white supremacists. Your statement is also a good example of projection.

    3. Sometimes the enemy of your enemy.. Is your enemy! As once said by Bibi Netanyahu (although I’m no Israel worshipper). Tearing down confederate statues is a terrible thing to do regardless of how evil the figures were. In vandalising these statues like angry mobs, the Left resembles ISIS: destroying monuments in the name of a political ideology. The short sightedness of those who seek to tear down the past is quite something. One day I’m sure generations in centuries from now will view their own existences as immoral, and if they get their just dessert, these rabid Leftists will be desecrated from history just as they arrogantly once did to others.

  2. @hipster racist
    Conservative ideology is synonymous with lies, one cannot exist without the other and there really isn’t anything “hip” about it.
    Peaceful demonstrators with a lead off parade of a bunch gun toting inbred retards the majority of whom would have difficulty spelling the world patriot, reciting the Preamble to the Constitution, and enumerating the Bill of Rights.
    Peaceful demonstrators spewing hate speech, throwing urine on people, amidst a foaming at the mouth litany of threats.
    Defining yourself as a racist says it all and completely debunks anything you might have to say – do you avoid going out in the sun to insure your complexion doesn’t darken, or are you one of those hypocrites who rails about color while laying on the beach getting a “tan”?

  3. The events that occurred in Charlottesville are the direct result of president who hasn’t the integrity
    to condemn white nationalists, white supremacy groups, and neo nazis by name.
    This from a man who railed for months against his opposition during the presidential campaign and
    an incumbent president for not using the words radical Islamic terrorism.
    As former KKK grand wizard or worm which ever it was David Duke reminded Trump he was elected by white people, among that demographic the mentally challenged who harbor such beliefs as expressed by those holding the rally.
    That is the motivation for Trump’s attempt to slide by without being specific, his support is in a nosedive
    and he can ill afford to alienate any portion of it.
    In the defense of an imperiled “western civilization” the question is how much will the “patriots” condone, how many lies and and how much ignorance will they tolerate from a woefully inept “real estate” developer with an arms length list of failures, bankruptcies, and scams before they admit they’ve been played and say enough is enough?
    The GOP ticket might as well have been Trump and Alex Jones in consideration of the bromance they have and Trump’s call to Jones praising and assuring Jones he (Trump) wouldn’t let him down.
    Alex Jones, the man who now claims Charlottesville was a “false flag” just as he did the killing of multiple children at Sandy Hook – if these are the heroes of the alt right, conservatives, or leaders in saving “western civilization” they are facilitating it’s demise.

    1. I don’t defend Alex Jones and never have. He’s not a credible source of information and sure, it is concerning that many on the Right take him seriously. Although I think that much of his fame is due to shock- jock views, rather than his legitimacy. But if you believe that this event was only caused by one side (which appears to be the case), then you are nothing more than a Leftist ideological hack who has no answers, and is only acting to further divisions.

    2. A nations leader’s responsibility is to set the tone, if you’ve followed along since the beginning of Trump’s candidacy it should be obvious what tone has been set.
      There was a dust up related to David Duke several months ago, in typical form Trump insisted he had no idea who Duke was which was later shown to be yet another Trump lie.
      To date Trump has accomplished nothing other than to divide the nation – not a single legislative accomplishment.
      The promise of defeating ISIS in 30 days hasn’t happened, healthcare reform hasn’t happened, and on and on – one failure after another in the midst of having a stacked deck in both the House and Senate.
      How could this be? The reason is Trump is such a loon his own party is abandoning him.
      Mid term elections in 2018 and those up for election in the Republican party are sweating tacks in anticipation of a huge backlash as well they should.
      The real shame has been the acceptance of the meme that people have to vote for the lesser of two evils – neither Trump nor Clinton were fit for office and inspite of Trump’s electoral college win while losing the popular vote he is obsessed with the idea that was due to rampant voter fraud which there isn’t a single shred of supportive evidence to substantiate the claim.
      Here’s a few simple questions for you:
      How would you respond if your Prime Minister spent his days tweeting gibberish and alienating your nations allies?
      Would you trade Australia’s current Prime Minister and administration for Trump and his?
      Would you trade Australia’s healthcare system for the one Trump and his minions have proposed for this country?
      Would you trade the current social environment of Australia for the one in this country?
      If not would you care to state your reasons why not?
      It is no coincidence that white supremacist feel as though they have been empowered – you can add, subtract, multiple, or divide that any you like but the answer remains the same – Trump.
      As to violence on either side I don’t condone that but if a group of people showed up in my community with an advance guard of armed men parading through town and then began spewing the same hatred, throwing urine on people, etc you’d be a fool to think neither I nor members of my community wouldn’t respond, and I imagine you would as well.
      Something you may not know is as a conservative you’re not obliged to condone, make excuses for, or support every word and deed uttered or committed by conservatives – the same can be said of liberals.
      Blind party allegiance is the reason I refuse to affiliate with any party as neither party places the welfare of all first.
      This refusal speaks to independence – a banner conservatives love to wave around.
      If it’s violence you want to focus on take a little time to review statistics – who bombs abortions clinics, who shoot doctors, what demographic composes militia groups, who bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, what presidential candidate encouraged violence at his rallies, and now who plows into a crowd of people with a vehicle other than terrorists?
      Who promoted the now infamous pizza pedophile ring lie, what segment of which demographic believes children weren’t murdered at Sandy Hook? Which political party has members who claim a woman can biologically control whether she becomes pregnant following a rape?
      Obama, who I have multiple issues with left office after narrowing the pay gap between men and women to eleven percent – the gap after six months of the idiot in office now exceeds 30 thirty percent,
      does that sound like a man who claims to have more respect for women than anyone?
      You’re on the wrong side of the fence my friend – you should try being an independent and vote the issues after doing the math rather than the party line.

  4. Well said. And while I agree with you about the no blame game, one has to wonder how this escalated to this point. I lived in Charlottesville for 4 years and still visit often as my daughter and her family live there. She works at the University.

    C-ville as we affectionately refer to it, is one of the most liberal towns you will find in this country. With a big university, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Unfortunately, not being satisfied with the status quo as a haven for liberalism, the city council felt it incumbent on them to take it even further left by voting to remove a statute that was doing absolutely no harm to anyone other than as a manifestation of a part of a country’s and a city’s history. much like the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. The first two owned slaves and Lincoln, my hero by the way, said once that if he could keep the country united by not freeing one slave, he would do it. Are we to tear these down too? Did they not live among us? Did Robert E. Lee not live among us? I was born and raised in upstate New York so I have no particular allegiance to the south other than living here for the past several years. How then, did a statue to commemorate someone who lived 150 years ago, all of a sudden offend so many people that it has come to this?

    So now we have a given a reason for the ultra rightists to demonstrate. The Governor of Virginia pleaded with the anti-fascist element to stay away. Let the right their little tantrum and get it over with. Don’t provoke. It fell on deaf ears.

    It is so sad that this young women was killed. She should have listened. The coward that did this will pay, but that won’t bring her back. An old axiom come to mind that would have avoided this whole tragedy. “Live and let live.”

    1. Yeah your absolutely right there. Pleasing the mob will only incentivise their future thuggery in attempting to shut down rallies for the Right. And I find it absolutely disgusting when Leftists pressure governments or unis to take down Southern monuments. It is removing history in the name of a political ideology (not dissimilar to what ISIS do in Palmrya), while instead we should be learning of past mistakes, rather than seeking to erase important history. I’ve been pretty vocal/ shared plenty about this in my ‘Leftist war on Western traditions’ category if your interested.

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