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Spoiled And Rich Salma Hayek Says Men Are Lazy And Entitled. Has She Been To A Construction Site?

While feminism masquerades under the guise of ‘equality’, it concerns itself with nothing of the sort.

Advocating for change in areas of female discrepancy, yet seeking to maintain the status quo in areas which females already dominate, instead resemble the acts of a female supremacist cause.

And despite the whingeing about ‘lazy men’, men continue to carry out the lions share of difficult, dangerous jobs, while wealthy women such as Salma Hayek live comfortably within the ‘patriarchy’.


Daily Wire, by Paul Bois, August 11, 2017:

Feminists complain ad nauseam about the lack of female Fortune 500 CEOs, yet never seem to bemoan the dearth of women in the fields of plumbing, construction, and waste management. Enter overpaid actress Salma Hayek, whose experience with any of the above jobs is listening to her interior designer relay the plans for erecting her state-of-the-art $3 million kitchen.

In an interview with Net-a-Porter’s magazine, The Edit, Hayek said society holds men to “lower standards” of work ethic, creating entitled sloths who ask for more money without having earned it.

“Women work harder than men and are more demanding of themselves, yet they have the sensation they don’t do enough, and therefore they are less daring about asking for a better position or salary,” she said.

“Men do a lot less, they are less demanding on themselves and their standards are lower, yet they feel entitled to ask for a raise or a promotion,” she continued, sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned office built by the lazy men she was bashing.

“[Women] are a lot more demanding of ourselves than men are,” she reiterated. “It’s a horrible sensation — we’re not enough at work; we’re not enough for the guy who’s cheating on us; we’re not enough for our children who always want more of us, no matter what we give.”

Surely, feminists are tripping over themselves to denounce Hayek’s divisive rhetoric endorsing misandry. Not so much. Julie Bindel of The Guardian took it as an opportunity to let off some steam and prove she knows nothing about office culture, as she probably wrote the article from the comfort of her home office that was also built by men:

This will not surprise any woman who has seen her male counterparts spend an hour playing online poker before striding into the boss’s office and cockily asking for a pay rise. This is all fuel to the fire in our sexist culture. Women rarely feel good enough about themselves, and tend to feel under pressure to do more for less praise and fewer pounds. Whereas men can roll into the office looking like death in a carrier bag, women tend to be under pressure to look as fresh as a daisy.

This all hits at an unspoken truth that men dare not utter, but since I have the floor, I’ll say it: feminists want all the fun, prestigious stuff and none of the hard stuff — the backbreaking work that men perform everyday so that Salma Hayek can waltz her overpaid self onto movie sets where sycophantic interns fetch her coffee. Yet another example of how “feminists ruin everything.”

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  1. Indeed, Hayek knows nothing about real world business culture. Women are everywhere. Sometimes more so, sometimes not. Is she stealing airtime from the Google Echo chamber story? How slovenly male-like to do so. Here is what Gavin McInnes says about Google.

    I’ve been to the headquarters in New York City and it’s one of the least diverse companies I’ve ever visited. The only black or Hispanic person I saw in the entire building was at the front desk where they check your ID. Upstairs, I’d say it was roughly 70% white male, 30% female, 15% Asian, and 15% East Indian


    Apparently Selma isn’t related to Freidrich Hayek!

    1. Very interesting stuff. It is absurd to see the lengths that feminists are going to these days, you really wonder how much further will they can go till they fall off the Earth.

    1. Hahaha great find! Yes I think I’m much more inclined to watching that video than listening to her views about gender…

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