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After the Coup, What Then?

With the Trump Presidency growing further imperiled each day, it is worth contemplating the consequences of a deep state coup.

Notwithstanding beltway talk of ‘Russian interference into our election’, if Trump was removed from office, an entire generation of American voters and perhaps millions of populists around the world, would have their faith in democracy completely extinguished.

This irreparable damage would ensure the ugly divide between urban elites, and Pat Buchanan/ Trump supporting ‘deplorables’, remains eternal.

In a country with as many guns as people, and with a Second Amendment reserved for ‘fighting against government tyranny’, removing Trump from office would hardly be the healthiest concoction.


Pat Buchanan, August 8, 2017:

That the Trump presidency is bedeviled is undeniable.

As President Donald Trump flew off for August at his Jersey club, there came word that Special Counsel Robert Mueller III had impaneled a grand jury and subpoenas were going out to Trump family and campaign associates.

The jurors will be drawn from a pool of citizens in a city Hillary Clinton swept with 91 percent of the vote. Trump got 4 percent.

Whatever indictments Mueller wants, Mueller gets.

Thanks to a media that savages him ceaselessly, Trump is down to 33 percent approval in a Quinnipiac University poll and below 40 percent in most of the rest.

Before Trump departed D.C., The Washington Post ran transcripts of his phone conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

Even Obama administration veterans were stunned.

So, it is time to ask: If this city brings Trump down, will the rest of America rejoice?

What will be the reaction out there in fly-over country, that land where the “deplorables” dwell who produce the soldiers to fight our wars? Will they toast the “free press” that brought down the president they elected, and in whom they had placed so much hope?

My guess: The reaction will be one of bitterness, cynicism, despair, a sense that the fix is in, that no matter what we do, they will not let us win. If Trump is brought down, American democracy will take a pasting. It will be seen as a fraud. And the backlash will poison our politics to where only an attack from abroad, like 9/11, will reunite us.

Our media preen and posture as the defenders of democracy, devoted to truth, who provide us round-the-clock protection from tyranny. But half the nation already sees the media as a propaganda arm of a liberal establishment that the people have rejected time and again.

Consider the Post’s publication of the transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico’s president and Australia’s prime minister.

When reporter Greg Miller got these transcripts, his editors, knowing they would damage Trump, plastered them on Page 1.

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The Post was letting itself be used by a leaker engaged in disloyal and possibly criminal misconduct. Yet the Post agreed to provide confidentiality and to hide the Trump-hater’s identity.

This is what we do, says the Post. People have a right to know if President Trump says one thing at rallies about Mexico paying for the wall and another to the president of Mexico. This is a story.

But there is a far larger story here, of which this Post piece is but an exhibit. It is the story of a concerted campaign, in which the anti-Trump media publish leaks, even criminal leaks, out of the FBI, CIA, NSA and NSC, to bring down a president whom the Beltway media and their deep-state collaborators both despise and wish to destroy.

Did Trump collude with Putin to defeat Clinton, the Beltway media demand to know, even as they daily collude with deep-state criminals to bring down the president of the United States.

And if there is an unfolding silent coup by the regime Americans repudiated in 2016 — to use security leaks and the lethal weapon of a special counsel to overturn the election results — is that not a story worth covering as much as what Trump said to Pena Nieto?

Do the people not have a right know who are the snakes collaborating with the Never-Trump press to bring down their head of state? Is not discovering the identities of deep-state felons a story that investigative reporters should be all over?

If Greg Miller is obligated to protect his source, fine. But why are other journalists not exposing his identity?

The answer suggests itself. This is a collaborative enterprise, where everyone protects everyone else’s sources, because all have the same goal: the dumping of Trump. If that requires collusion with criminals, so be it.

The Justice Department is now running down the leaks, and the ACLU’s Ben Wizner is apoplectic: “Every American should be concerned about the Trump administration’s threat to step up its efforts against whistleblowers and journalists. A crackdown on leaks is a crackdown on the free press and on democracy.”

That’s one way to put it. Another is that some of these “whistleblowers” are political criminals who reject the verdict of the American electorate in 2016 and are out to overturn it. And the aforementioned “journalists” are their enablers and collaborators.

And if, as Wizner’s asserts, protecting secrets is tantamount to a “crackdown on the free press and democracy,” no wonder the free press and democracy are falling into disrepute all over the world.

By colluding, the mainstream media, deep state, and the special prosecutor’s button men, with a license to roam, may bring down yet another president. So doing, they will validate John Adams’s insight:

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

12 thoughts on “After the Coup, What Then?

  1. I have a site which you are well aware of and in fact have been invited to visit if you have a desire to factually discuss issues and become educated.
    I’ve expected nothing less from you than to cling to the untenable and skirt questions to fallback on the by rote conservative gibberish.
    Aussie soldiers fought to remain sovereign you say – didn’t all of the UK, France, Poland, Hungary, and the combined allies do the same?
    And who was it that threatened that sovereignty – was it Nazi Germany and their Axis confederates?
    Then why should anyone promote, accept, or remain silent in the face of such an ideology anywhere on the face of this planet?
    You are to be commended for whatever distance you’ve created between yourself and white nationalists but silence also is a form of consent, something that doesn’t require “infinite wisdom”, only common sense and a coherent world view.
    There really isn’t anything of substance you can tell me about sovereignty without having had it forcibly taken from you like the nations have – and if your advice is I should stay in my own backyard then you should do the same rather than praise and promote a dysfunctional system and ideology in my country.
    I’m interested in more than disavowals which can often be a dime a dozen – case in point Trump’s “disavowal” he began to choke on a day or two later and couldn’t restrain himself from spewing more ignorance and demonstrating once again what a complete me first undisciplined narcissist and pathological liar he is.
    But that’s a good thing as it will serve to hasten his departure.
    Having spoken of this distance between you and the verifiably insane I’m surprised you had no response to an avowed racist in another of your posts I commented on – one Hipster Racist.
    Like I said, visit my blog and let’s get to it -perhaps you can provide a little illumination in the process of educating me.
    Failing that I’ll leave you and your kindred to stew in your own juices as you and your cohorts stumble around attempting to save “western civilization”.

    1. I’m sure you’re computer savvy enough to type rezinate wordpress into your
      browser of choice – thought I’d share the below link with you as cause to
      Been predicting this for weeks, Charlottesville became the catalyst and Bannon’s
      ouster is an attempt to put lipstick on this pig of an administration.
      Be interesting to see Breitbart and Bannon’s response if not immediately
      a little down the road.
      The “deep state” strikes again, lol – no, wait, it was actually Trump that struck
      the blow, not that will make any difference to conspiracy theorists.

  2. “an entire generation of American voters and perhaps millions of populists around the world, would have their faith in democracy completely extinguished.”

    I’m curious if you can provide any historical reference for such a claim?
    Is that what occurred when Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment? Does
    the conservative view believe it would have occurred had Clinton been
    forced from office or would it be content to call that justice and proof
    democracy works?
    Is it only a concern relative to Trump being impeached?
    I often think of the amount of crow conservative Trumpkins will have to eat should that “deep state” investigation into Trump, Flynn, Manafort, Kushner, Jr, ad infinitum bear
    Will they man up and say oops, we had it wrong or cobble together a new alt right conspiracy theory ala Jones, Brietbart, etc to avoid what’s slapped them in the face?
    If history is prolouge and I was a betting man guess where I’d put my money?
    It is the very “right to know” you mention that is the priority, all the rest is smoke and mirrors with a generous layer of bs.
    Populism is a two sided coin – both Hitler and Mussolini rode that horse to enslave their own people, trounce existing democracies, and lead their nations into a devastating war while committing heinous act upon act of genocide and “racial cleansing”.
    Their version of saving an imperiled “western civilization or just lunacy?
    The right is crumbling into chaos because they have no moral or ethical rudder, it’s
    all about pandering to the rich, trickle up economics, fear mongering, and what they laughably refer to as “family values” – “values” willing to kick women, children, and the elderly under the bus.
    This country doesn’t have a president – Lenny from Steinbecks Of Mice and Men sits
    in the oval office when he isn’t out playing golf or feeding his ego at one of those “rallies”
    that are occurring with increased frequency as he attempts to shore up declining support.
    Governments at times amputate the rights of their citizens, this administration rejoices in doing so without anethesia, what’s baffling are those missing an arm or leg as the result who rejoice and call themselves patriots.
    I find it remarkable that any in a nation that engaged in a protracted war against Nazism would in any way, shape, or form would attempt to equivocate what is entirely unacceptable in their country – is that the result of “populism”?

    1. The irony of the Left who scream: ‘Russia hacked our election’, is that these same forces are working day and night to overthrow the results of a democratic election..

    2. Perhaps if you believe this was a true democratic election you should make
      an effort to inform Trump who is famous for declaring the system is rigged
      and insists he was robbed of a majority vote.
      It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny Russian hacking what with Jrs
      attempted love fest and multiple security agencies making no bones about it
      having taken place etc – that is unless refuge is sought in it’s all fake news
      and these same agencies are part of that “deep state” conspiracy to topple
      the presidency of a would be emperor with no clothes.
      The irony of the right who never heard a conservative lie they didn’t like and
      prefer tunnel vision over the real world.
      But I notice once again you do the Conway Sanders Huckabee shuffle rather
      than answer a direct question.
      So I’ll try another question that requires nothing more than a yes or no response:
      Do you believe Aussie soldiers who died on foreign shores fighting Nazism and
      Fascism would approve of it in their own country or attempt to qualify their words
      and actions?
      The free world owes these and all soldiers who fought, died, and bled in that
      cause something more than to tolerate either ideology rearing it’s ugly head
      If you had a cancer in your body would you not work to remove it?

    3. The question seems obvious and straight forward needing no
      clarification but I’ll ask again:
      Do you believe Aussie soldiers who died on foreign shores fighting Nazism and
      Fascism would approve of it in their own country or attempt to qualify their words
      and actions?
      That would be do you believe they would approve of Nazi and Fascists in their
      own country, to wit – Australia?
      Do you believe they would in any way attempt to condone or defend the hate
      speech Nazis and white nationalists are universally known for?
      Perhaps the better question is do you?
      If not why not go one better than Trump and categorically denounce not only
      them but the ideology they represent?
      You may lose a few fringe element readers and likes but you’ll be a better
      man for having done so.

    4. I have distanced myself from white nationalism various times in the past. Check out my blog further, but I am happy to do so again. Particularly the Richard Spencer position on abortion I find so grotesque that I condemn his movement. But disavowals are not what you or Leftists are interested in. And you raising the Aussie soldiers issue is absurd. They fought to keep Australia sovereign (which is at odds with the UN), they were patriots, and most probably believed in the White Australia policy as did both sides of politics at the time. So without upholding those same views, I can be very sure in that their worldview would be closer to mine than yours. As for your infinite wisdom, wouldn’t it be better placed in building your own site, rather than arrogantly (and ignorantly) seeking to lecture the educated?

  3. An armed or unarmed uprising that will amount to anything is pipe dream. The majority of the population are sheeple that believe everything they hear on “The Nightly News”. They have never heard of Alex Jones, Lewrockwell and don’t remember Pat Buchanan let alone read his current pearls of wisdom.
    They know we have to support SA in the fight against terrorism not having a clue they financed 9/11.
    Don’t look to America for anything except WWIII.
    There is too much momentum. We will have to trudge through the next Solient Green and the next Genesis for a new start. Hope I am wrong .

  4. Buchanan has this exactly right.
    Trump has his hands full. One of his biggest problems is not the concerted attack on him by the Lunatic Left, but the covert and underhanded efforts to undermine him by the establishment wing of the Republican Party, much of it coordinated by Mitch McConnell.

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