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Al Gore the hypocrite

When a person preaches to the masses on their select issue, we expect that person to practice as they preach.

However, Al Gore’s exorbitant consumption of energy demonstrates that despite his anti- fossil fuel rhetoric, the world’s greatest climate change alarmist is an unrepentant hypocrite.

Given this stark contrast between Al Gore’s public campaigns and private life, one has to wonder whether he truly adheres to the climate change ‘consensus’, or if an ‘inconvenient truth’ was actually a convenient vehicle for immense wealth creation.




2 thoughts on “Al Gore the hypocrite

  1. Algore is the quintessential demagogue. An absolute lowlife who learned early on that P.T. Barnum was right. Except P.T. should have said there are millions of suckers born every minute, not just one.

    And forget about the electricity for a minute. Look at this picture of Algore’s office and tell me that an entire forest wasn’t cleared for all that paper. So much for his concern about oxygen producing trees.

    I think this is one of the most dangerous men around.

    1. Brilliant! Your right, there is certainly something about him besides his Green worldview that is particularly off putting.

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