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Assessing my political beliefs


To assess my personal ideology, I took a variety of political spectrum tests as shown below. Perhaps surprisingly, the tests indicate that I am a centrist/ centre- right ideologue.

While these sort of conclusions don’t appear to be entirely accurate, they do suggest I have some inclinations towards pragmatism despite holding an overwhelmingly conservative/ nationalist viewpoint.

Moreover, that modern society has slanted hard to the Left in recent times, is likely why views once considered to be reasonable, have become branded as ‘far- Right’.

2017 Political Quiz- Australia:


Vote compass for the 2016 US Election:



political compass


pol quiz

The 5 Dimensional Political Compass:

5 dimenstional

5 thoughts on “Assessing my political beliefs

    1. I don’t know. The police seem to be arresting violent protesters now. The Republicans control the Federal government and most state governments. Until that changes, it’s probably best to just try not to get angry.

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