Lauren Southern’s harrowing insight on Leftist intolerance and ANTIFA at the G20

While the far- Left routinely sets new records for absurd ideas, regrettably, this movement as epitomized by ANTIFA is also setting new records for modern political violence and thuggery.

In the first video, Lauren Southern exposes these extreme, puritanical strands of Leftism for what they truly are.

And in the second video, she reveals the especially distressing, frightening traits to the movement ironically dubbed ‘United Against Fascism’.

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While President Trump was greeted with thunderous applause and displays of both pro-American and pro-Polish patriotism when he spoke in Warsaw, the situation in the next place he is visiting is not as cheerful. Before the G20 summit even began, around a hundred thousand protesters descended on the city. Most of the protesters are anti-capitalists and surprisingly “anti-globalists,” though I have a strong feeling that these anti-globalists are actually just a different shade of globalist. A vast majority of those protesting have done so peacefully, but per usual someone had to come and ruin a display of free expression, Antifa.

Antifa is a largely unorganized “anti-fascist” movement that has been in the news lately because of the Berkeley riots and the violent protests at Trump’s inauguration. Antifa is relatively weak in the United States, thank God, but it is quite a force in Europe. Antifa aren’t as much “anti-fascist” as they are Stalinesque Communists, as recent violence in Hamburg shows. When the Hamburg police force tried to separate the masked Antifa protesters from the peaceful ones, the violence began. Antifa thugs used iron bars, metal poles, and broken bottles and other improvised weapons to assault police, while police responded with mace, water cannons, and smoke. In the fighting, 159 police officers were injured, and an unknown number of protesters were also injured. In the chaos, fires were lit in trashcans on the streets and cars were torched, which doesn’t seem that good for the environment that the far left reveres as a god. In the wake of the violent riots, thousands of additional police forces from around Germany have been dispatched to Hamburg to provide security for the summit. The situation is so chaotic that the First Lady was unable to attend an event with other first spouses due to security issues.

Another interesting development in the Hamburg protests is that Bill de Blasio, the mayor of America’s largest city, decided it was his duty to join in the protesting. The day that a New York City police officer was brutally targeted and murdered, de Blasio was busy preparing to protest his own President and other world leaders to push his far-left agenda. This is a moral low for even de Blasio.

How has it come to this? Political violence and chaos at this level would never happen in the United States today, but it is regular in Europe. Around this time last year, 120 police officers were injured in riots in Berlin. The simple answer is that Europe has become far too accepting of the radical left. Communist or borderline Communist parties have representation in nearly every assembly in Western Europe. While Neo-Nazi movements are suppressed, rightfully so, nothing is done about the Communists. Both fascists and communists have ravaged Europe over the past 100 years, and both movements need to be rejected and removed. The G20 protests are just a slight glimpse into what could happen should the radical left grow to heights that haven’t been seen in decades. While this seems like a European problem for now, it could come to the United States if we do not stand up for our American values of liberty, integrity, and self-sufficiency.   We need more scenes like those in Warsaw, and fewer like those in Hamburg.

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  1. One must read Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years” together to gain an accurate assessment of the mess. Russia was the home of world jewry until the formation of Israel (and mass immigration to the United States). Immediately thereafter, Russia became the new enemy via the Cold War and now the allegations of US election interference. And Jews are behind the anti-Trump protesting (such as George Soros).

    In short, same old story that’s been repeated for thousands of years…a hot war between a Christian majority and the Jewish minority.

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